8 New Trends All the Cool Girls Are Wearing Now

In just 16 short days, it will officially be spring. The chattering excitement of your favorite new trends will no longer be all talk as you will soon be wearing them loud and proud. However, every true fashion girl knows that the rules of style are meant to be broken, which is why some of the world's biggest fashion bloggers didn't waste any time adopting the trends ahead.

There's a lot to be said about the new styles you do and do not choose to wear, so if you were in the slightest bit conflicted as to which trends you should adopt, the blogger looks ahead should clear some things up for you. If it were up to us, we would not be able to choose just one, which is why we're presenting you with a plethora of the ones cool girls have already taken a liking to.

Go on to see the spring trends bloggers are wearing now and to shop their full looks.