The 4 New Shoe Brands I'm Already Obsessed With This Year

"Obsessed" is such an irritating and overused word in fashion, I know, but when it comes to shoes, that's what I am. "Shoes" was my first word—no joke. Shoes are my primary vice. Shoes are the thing that take up the most space in my wardrobe. Shoes are the thing that can make or break an outfit. Shoes are my speciality, and each month I offer a dedicated column on the best to buy now (and the ones I've bought). Man, I love shoes. Which is why I'm excited to bring you my top new footwear brands for 2019. From the simple slingbacks the fashion crowd in Scandinavia is already going wild for to the intricately woven courts that will sell out when they hit Net-a-Porter, there's an intriguing variety of fresh labels to memorise now. Keep reading for shoe greatness.