Chic: 10 New Sandal Brands the Mass Market Hasn't Discovered Yet

There have only been a handful of passable sandal-wearing days of the season so far, but you can't squash the spirits of the fashion dreamers: We've been building an exciting list of new shoe brands that excel in this summer footwear department. Whether you're as keen as us and already restocking your wardrobe with block heels, slides and mules, or you'd simply like to be prepared ahead of a heatwave/holiday (whatever comes first) then this is vital intel to have to hand.

The new sandal brands to brag about are all here, from the handcrafted Italian leather gladiators that have Caroline Issa's seal of approval through to the eco-friendly raffia flats taking over all beach-related geotags on Instagram. Throw in a smart suede option to wow your co-workers, plus a fresh take on the espadrilles trend, and you've got yourself a fully loaded arsenal for when the time comes.

Keep reading to see the 10 new sandal brands we're wanting to step into.


Mabu by Maria BK

Mercedes Castillo

Ball Pagès

Nomadic State of Mind


Sanayi 313


Carrie Forbes

Charlotte Stone

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Opening Image: @galagonzalez

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