93 Outfits to Wear When You're Bored of Your Clothes

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at the clothes in my closet and just stood there waiting for inspiration to strike me. In my mind, I know I’ve built a wardrobe of pieces I love that are able to be mixed together in new and interesting ways, but at a certain point, I’ll get stuck in a fashion rut where I’m wearing the same outfits over and over again. I don’t mind repeating outfits—and I actually encourage it—but I inevitably get bored of duplicating the same looks too many times.

At that point, I’ll pull out my phone and thumb through Instagram and Pinterest and the screenshots I’ve taken to give myself a much-needed dose of inspiration. It always amazes me how looking at some fresh outfit ideas allows me to reimagine the pieces I already own and style them in ways I would never have thought of by just standing in my closet. If you similarly get bored of your standby looks, I’ve put together an edit of 93 new outfit ideas to try for yourself. Ahead, they’re broken down by category so you can scroll through to find inspiration for whatever you’re in the mood to wear—whether it’s an outfit with sneakers or heels, something for the office, the perfect wedding guest look, or anything in between.

Outfits with Bold Colours

We’ve named Emili Sindlev the master of bright colours because she knows how to pull them off so well. Her outfits are a treasure trove for bold colour ideas.

Purple and green are a winning combo. Who knew?

Same goes for purple and yellow, apparently.

Outfits With Trousers

Throw on a matching blazer with your pants.

Yep, it just always looks good.

New outfit ideas for red



See, this is clearly a fashion-girl secret.

You can always try sticking to one neutral colour for pants and accessories, and then adding in a pastel shade on the top.

Or copy one of my new favourite outfits with wide-leg pants and a square-neck top.

Outfits With Jeans

Make jeans and a T-shirt feel more special by layering a corset on top.

For winter, you can keep things both stylish and comfortable by adding a puffer jacket and chunky trainers.

New outfit ideas for blue jeans



This outfit is less about the jeans and more about the statement top.

New outfit ideas for white jeans



If you’re not into blue denim, try white.

New outfit ideas for colored denim

But also consider coloured denim like head-to-toe red.

Outfits With Boots

This boot height can be tricky to style, but here is the perfect way.

New outfit ideas for over-the-knee boots



Over-the-knee boots for the win.

White on white never looked so good.

Combat boots and a miniskirt. We’re in.

Go futuristic.

Outfits With Trainers

So much pastel.

Minimal on the top, and colourful on the bottom.

Add strainers to a dress you’d normally pair with heels.

New outfit ideas for sneakers with dresses



Why just wear sandals with your summer dresses?

High-tops for life.

Outfits With Flat Shoes

Fashion girls have a thing for Birkenstocks.

Keep things comfortable.

Add your loafers to a miniskirt outfit.

Very into the pointed-toe flats here.

Outfits With Athleisure

Tracksuits, please and thank you.

Hey there, sunshine.

High-waisted tracksuits for the win.

Nailing athleisure in a nutshell.

With hoodies these days, bigger is better.

Outfits With Skirts

New outfit ideas for floral skirts



Or just a skirt that’s really pretty.

Go for something classic yet modern.

New outfit ideas for two-piece skirt outfits



Or a matching two-piece set.

We’re so here for minis.

But also ankle-grazing styles.

Outfits With Heels

If you want something comfortable, go for kitten heels.

Satin tracksuits go nicely with heels.

Same goes for vinyl pants.

Strappy sandals are giving this outfit ’90s vibes.

Mix unexpected prints and textures.

Outfits With Swimsuits

Pile on the hat and jewelry.

New outfit ideas for high-waisted swimsuits



And when it comes to hats, make them oversized.

There’s nothing more retro than a high-waisted bikini.

We’re getting Bond-girl vibes.

Outfits With Dresses

Style a long dress with flip-flops if you’re on board with the trend.

Or slingback heels for a more classic look.

New outfit ideas for short dresses



Minidresses and lace-up heels make for the perfect holiday outfit formula.

New outfit ideas for mini dresses



Throw on a statement jacket.

Block heels make this perfect for a city outfit.

Outfits for the Airport

You can’t beat a comfortable travel outfit with sneakers and athleisure.

New outfit ideas for the airport



Travel with coordinating luggage.

New outfit ideas for travel



Arrive in style.

Outfits for the Office

Matching pantsuits look both professional and stylish.

Try pairing one with ankle boots.

Or go for something less traditional like plaid flared trousers.

Try out a suiting-inspired skirt and top with strappy heels.

New outfit ideas for work



Instead of trousers, wear a belted dress.

Another cool option? An ’80s-inspired top and skirt.

Outfits for the Weekend

Pretty floral dresses never fail.

New outfit ideas for mini dresses



Same goes for micro minidresses.

New outfit ideas for crop tops



The weekend is the perfect time for a cool crop top.

You can also try tying a button-down instead of wearing a crop top.

Outfits for Winter

A puffer jacket and a leopard-print pant outfit is the unexpected winter look everyone needs.

Take the puffer jacket to the next level.

New outfit ideas for neutrals



Neutrals at their best.

Here’s a way to incorporate the cowboy boot trend.

Speaking of trends, here’s how to pull off oversized outerwear.

Countryside chic.

Outfits for Summer

The puff sleeves balance out the fitted skirt.

New outfit ideas for vacations



Did someone say holiday?

New outfit ideas for a boat



A boat outfit that doesn’t involve a swimsuit.

Can’t beat this.

Outfits for a Wedding Guest

Show up in something colourful.

New outfit ideas for a wedding



Or a fun print.

Go for a floor-sweeping dress.

This is definitely an outfit I’ll be repeating.

Monochrome Outfits

Bike shorts never looked so good.

Sorbet perfection.

Red, red, and more red.

Now this is how to pull off neutrals.

Same here.

Making a case for lime green.

If you’re really into blue denim.

Outfits with Tops

Nouveau milkmaid tops are still going strong.

Puff sleeves aren’t quitting anytime soon either.

New outfit ideas for yellow



Add some fun colour.

New outfit ideas for polka dots



Add a polka-dot top to high-waisted trousers.

Outfits With Patterns

Here’s how to wear two of fall’s big trends—leopard and tartan—at the same time.

Top off neutrals with some colour.

With prints, go big or go home.

This is how to wear black, but make it interesting.