5 Fresh Instagram Photo Trends You Should Try

If you’re looking for new ways to impress on your Instagram feed, we have a treat for you! Last time around, we shared the fashion-girl Instagram clichés that are ready to be retired; this go-around (by our viewers’ request), we’re sharing expert-approved photo trends to try. We circled back with our go-to social media consultancy firm Room 214 for advice and savvy insight. Keep reading to see what account director Libby Turner suggests adding to your feed for a fresh new vibe!

Scroll down to see inspiration for your next Instagram post!

#1: The More Is More Theory



The more you can put in an image, the better, explained Turner. Adding multiple elements to a photo, such as an interesting background along with an adorable outfit all caught in a candid moment, is the perfect example. Add more colour and texture to your photos and it will open the door for more likes and engagement, since there’s more for the eye to catch while scrolling through Instagram.

#2: The Outfit Explanation



People love looking at photos, but interactivity is even better. If you’re posting an outfit-focused image, Turner suggests tagging your look by brand or using the "like to know" feature. Go beyond just posing in an outfit and explain in the caption where you’re going or why you chose a certain look. Driving the viewer to additional information will lead to more engagement and a stronger following.

#3: The Humorous Selfie



Put the seriousness aside and tap into your inner comedian every once in a while. This works especially well when posting a selfie; if you add a silly caption, it becomes more relatable and less just about you. Chrissy Teigen is the best example of this selfie strategy.

#4: The Friend Flaunt



We bet you’ve done it before: You click on a friend’s photo to see the tags and next thing you know, you’re on a friend of a friend of a friend’s Instagram profile. Turner introduced us to the term “friend collecting,” which is basically tagging your friends in hopes the viewer will click to discover more and get a peek inside your “squad life.”

Viewers are fascinated by the transparency and honesty behind passionate and inspirational photos. Turner suggests documenting and sharing what inspires you and the things that grab your attention. Go beyond the #tbt post and use a vintage snap to express your inspiration and passion!

Which trend are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments below. And if you’re looking to freshen your end-of-summer style, be sure to shop our favourite designer pieces here!