17 Gym Essentials for Girls Who Love to Work Out

If you thought January had a motivational force to hit the treadmill, then you've underestimated the power of February. The onset of the new season prompts us strong woman to get even stronger.


Style du Monde

Even though you've spent the first month ticking the boxes for clean, healthy living, now is the time to take your fitness game to a whole new level. If you've got all the right intentions but need an extra push, we've got just the ticket… Upgrade your gym gear from amateur to pro-fitness–fanatic status with oh-so-pretty performance-boosting sports bras and slick leggings that fit perfectly so you can focus on those planks.


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There are, of course, a few It girls that we turn to for style gymspiration—Gigi Hadid's althleisure look being way up there. We've already covered how to emulate her look because it's cool for a lunch date or a spin class (clever). Gigi has, after all, given leggings their new cool status. As we fashion girls never take a day off from being chic, these are the workout threads you need now.

Scroll down for a roundup of the most motivational and high-impact fitness apparel that will make you want to see that Power Plate instructor every morning!

What do you wear the most out of your gym kit? Let us know in the comments below!

Opening Image: Style du Monde

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