Parisian Style 2.0: Meet the New French Brands on Our Radar

Think of French fashion, and the same names have been steering the country's style ship for decades. Many of the global industry's most revered fashion houses reside within the arrondissements of Paris: Chanel, Givenchy, Hermès and so on, meaning the status quo hasn't changed much over the years, bar a few significant breakouts such as Isabel Marant.

So, to see that there's a new young guard who are striking out on their own rather than forever staying behind the curtain of a big, established brand, is very exciting. French women are forever a source of inspiration when it comes to everything from looking casual through to giving our closets a strict detox, but the addition of new fashion labels and designers means we've got all the more opportunity to feel even more genuinely français with our outfit options going forward.

By now you know the popular likes of Vetements or the Sézane, but who are the other French names on everyone's lips? Read on to find out and, mais oui, shop…