Your New Go-To Outfit Formula

We happily take our style cues from women who have their wardrobes confidently flowing with pitch-perfect outfits all day, seven days a week. Two street style favourites, Charlotte Groeneveld of The Fashion Guitar and Giovanna Battaglia, have touched upon two different ways to wear the same outfit combination; it's a look we’ll totally be copying now that the festive season is in full swing!

The outfit formula goes a little something like this: Add one statement skirt (think pleats, embellishments or stacks of sequins), wear it with a laid-back gray jumper and slip on a pair of statement heels–that's the outfit formula du jour. The top half of the outfit is laid-back, while from the waist down, it's all about mega-watt pieces.

Scroll down to see how our favourite fashion muses have been working this combination on the streets, and shop the look in our fail-safe guide to getting it spot-on.


Will you be trying out this outfit combination? Let us know in the comments below!