5 Up-and-Coming Denim Brands That Are Poised to Make It Big

To keep your denim collection stocked with the hottest brands out there, today we’re sharing five labels to put on your radar this spring. From a western-chic take to blues designed by BFFs, scroll down to learn more about our favourite up-and-coming denim brands.

Meet the brands below! 

Brand: Bliss and Mischief

Designer: Hillary Justin

About: BAM puts a totally western spin on denim by stitching unique embroidery patterns on vintage jeans, jackets, T-shirts.

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The Brand: Wåven

The Designer: Anika Islam

About: The London-based line focuses on clean, simple designs at an affordable price point.

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The Brand: TALLEY

The Designer: Benjamin Talley Smith

About: At TALLEY, jeans are made specifically for you. Each pair comes with a “GIN” (garment identification number), which lists where the fabric originated, the sew date, and more details about your denim! 

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The Brand: AMO

The Designers: Kelly Urban and Misty Zollars

About: AMO, the Latin root word for love, is a fitting name for the line created by longtime friends and denim soulmates, Urban and Zollars. Each pair of jeans is designed with a fresh and feminine approach to vintage-inspired denim.

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The Brand: Kéji by Katie Green

The Designer: Katie Green

About: Inspired by Japanese art, Green’s debut jean collection features modern updates to classic denim basics. The collection includes oversized denim jackets, an array of cropped jeans, and a must-have minidress! The collection is not yet available to purchase. 

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