6 Lesser-Known Denim Brands We Always Recommend to Our Friends

Denim is the cornerstone of many peoples' wardrobe. From dresses and jumpsuits to jackets and of course, jeans, it’s the timeless trend we’ve depended on through every decade since the 1930s when Levi’s introduced the world’s first pair of jeans designed exclusively for women. We counted on it through the '90s when head-to-toe was the way to go and still do in 2020 when the offering of different styles seems endless. 

Even if you don’t count yourself as a jeans person, you’re likely to own a piece or at least one pair in your favourite shade. And sometimes one perfect pair is all you need— but the search for that effortlessly fitted style that works for all occasions is a process most of us spend years going through. Not only do we have the shape, fit and shade to consider but these days, deciding which brand is the one for you is a tough decision in itself.

Finding a brand that designs for your height, shape and personal style is essential to perfecting the basics of a capsule wardrobe. Sustainability is also a huge issue to consider in the denim world, with it being one of the most polluting fabrics in the fashion industry. According to Everlane, in a standard process around 1,500 litres of water are used to produce a single pair of jeans, so choosing a brand that supports sustainability in its goals is essential. 

Luckily, then, there are a plethora of new and under-the-radar denim brands that have responsible production at the core, as well as designing for all shapes, sizes and price ranges. Keep scrolling to read about 6 of our favourite lesser-known labels we always recommend when our friends ask us where to go for jeans… 


Not only are Everlane's jeans made in the world's cleanest denim factory, which recycles 98% of all water used, but many of its styles also come in different lengths (ankle, regular, tall) and fabrics (stretch, original, rigid) so you can find the most flattering fit for you. Everlane's online denim guide is very helpful, giving measurements and in-depth details about each style. 


L' Agence comes highly recommended by the insider crowd. Word of mouth has meant most fashion girls have a pair of these super-soft jeans in their wardrobe by now. I can personally say they feel like a second skin and, they do the best flares on the market, hands down. 


If you're a fan of classic, vintage-style, straight-leg denim, then Agolde is the brand for you. It sits under the same company as much-lauded Citizens of Humanity but prioritises modern cuts. Its eco-friendly organic denim sits in Net-a-Porter's Net Sustain collection and is some of the best quality I've tried. The Riley is the closest I've ever come to finding the perfect pair, and we also know Lucy Williams, a denim connoisseur, is a big fan. An investment, yes, but trust me when I say you'll feel the difference. 


For the best denim on the high street, head to Weekday. It has a huge range of styles with each shape coming in multiple colour shades. The jeans are classically stiff, meaning they feel way more expensive than they are, and if you're on the taller side, a lot of its styles will be suited to you. We know Lyndsey Holland is a big fan. As of 2020, all of Weekday's cotton will be organic or recycled, including the denim. 

People Tree

One of our favourite sustainable fashion brands, People Tree, has now launched a new 100% organic cotton denim collection that uses 87.2% less water to produce than conventional cotton. And trust us, it doesn't disappoint. It's full of wearable classic pairs like the Cecile straight-leg style, which WWW UK's assistant editor Elinor Block is a strong supporter of. 


If you're on the hunt for perfect denim and you're willing to part with some cash to get it, new brand Slvrlake from denim haven Los Angeles is well worth investing in. The design duo sets out to create impeccable premium denim in timeless cuts that will last you a lifetime, and that's exactly what the brand has done. 

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