The New Colour Combinations We're Trialling for Spring

When it comes to complementary and clashing colours, it can be hard to know which hues work together and which hues just don't. Really, it's down to trial and error (our fashion mantra is to try everything once) and learning from your mistakes. However, should you find yourself too time-poor to do the leg work, fret not, for Instagram's most prolific dressers have done it all for you.

Stepping away from the beige-and-cream palette that largely dominated our wardrobes last year, the platform's biggest style muses are instead opting for bold, bright hues reminiscent of those found on the 2020 runways. So what should you wear with green? What's the perfect match to lemon yellow? Keep scrolling to discover the new colour combinations 2020 is pairing together.


New Colour Combinations 2020: @ada_oguntodu



Bright fuchsia tones look their most expensive when worn with rich camel hues, as seen on Ada. Choose one pink piece and built the rest of your outfit around it using the neutral tone. 


It might be reminiscent of a B&M storefront, but on Hanna, blue and orange look as chic as can be when worn together. 




Countless influencers are putting green and purple together to unexpectedly chic avail. One of the easiest (read: less daunting) ways to wear it is by opting for lilac in lieu of deeper purple tones.