These New British Fashion Brands Will Be the Next Big Things

Welcome to Who What Wear UK's Brit Month, a four-week-long riot of brilliant wardrobe-related things that just so happen to be British. From homegrown startup brands that we want to bring to your attention to the naturally awe-inspiring stylings of our nation's best dressed street stars, this is your hub for the finest fashion intel from these fair Isles.

As you well know, the UK is a thriving place for young fashion talent. We nurture promising designers like nowhere else on this planet, so it's only natural that there's forever a steady stream of new names to add to our list. 

Now is a particularly exciting time because setting up your own clothing line has never been easier. Okay, it's still tough, but with the dawn of e-commerce shopping and cult brands rising to the forefront, thanks to social media platforms like Instagram, there's at least one stronger link in the chain: You can get people to love what you're doing before you've even made anything!

Keep reading to see the new British brands we're predicting will blow up on the fashion scene.