Zara and Isabel Marant Agree on This Unexpected Ankle Boot Trend

From fur slides to satin waders, it's safe to say the footwear world's foray into complete and utter craziness hasn't gone unnoticed. It also hasn't been ignored by fashion girls with ready monies, on the prowl for something new and different. A few years ago, we thought fussbett sandals (that's the German term for "ugly" sandals) were polarising enough, but 2017's unpredictable shoemaking takes the biscuit.

During the last four weeks of fashion shows across the globe, we've seen some of the most unexpected trends come to life. The street style on offer has been beholden to bad weather, so while the FROW faction would ideally want to unleash their box-fresh summer shoes, practicality (of sorts) has reigned supreme. However, whereas once upon a time when your trusty ankle boots were nothing more than an afterthought, statement boots are now the backbone of many a look. And by "statement", we mean these shoes are quite surprising. 

So if you're bored of bikers or totally over your black suede knee-highs, keep reading to see the new boot trends for spring 2017, and don't forget to see our most-rated shopping choices at the end.