6 Little-Known Beauty Brands to Have on Your Radar for 2020

There's no shortage of beauty brands or products, but there's always space for a brand that has something new or different to say. With beauty brands realising that it doesn't make sense to push out a product range just because they can, it's paved the way for a new wave of innovators. 

From clean beauty to crowd-sourced products, we've looked at the new and little-known beauty brands that are set to make their mark on the industry in 2020. If you're yet to declutter your beauty collection this year so you can make some space, you'll certainly be tempted to once you hear about these brands. 

New Beauty Brands 2020: Beauty product collection



Keep scrolling for the six new beauty brands that you need to know. 

1. Volition

We've been waiting for this disruptive brand to arrive on UK soil for what feels like an eternity. You'll want to make some space for this innovative skincare as this line is made up of the kind of products you've always imagined being created.

Volition put the product development powers into consumers' hands by asking consumers to tell the company what products they would most like them to develop and then making them a reality.

Move over, hyaluronic acid, and enter this dry skin–saving blend of snow mushroom, marine water and fruit extracts to keep your skin plumped up and hydrated all year round. 

Remember that time when everyone was drinking their body weight in celery juice? While we can't guarantee that celery will be a mainstay in our wellness routines in 2020, you can put it on your face instead. This nourishing yet lightweight super cream is just as good for your skin health as a green juice is. 

Picture the scene, you're three hours deep into an online hole of memes and red carpet looks and the realisation hits. Surely, all that screen time can't be good for your skin? Well, this HEV light–deflecting mist will soothe your fears so you can go back to your late-night browsing. 

2. One Ocean Beauty 

There's a lot of hype around clean beauty, but few brands actually practice what their marketing materials preach. One Ocean Beauty, however, uses 100% recyclable packaging, sustainable shipping materials and gives back by partnering with Oceana to preserve and protect the ocean. 

Its ingredients list is also impressive as it uses sustainably sourced marine actives to create its results-driven skincare. 

A cleanser in a mist? What a time to be alive. You won't have to worry about over-saturating your cotton pad with this impurity removing cleanser that leaves you feeling fresh-faced. A must for travelling. 

There's a special kind of skin-rejuvenating alchemy that takes place when you're by the sea, and this moisturiser has captured exactly that. It will get your skin's moisture level to where it needs to be with actives such as algae. 

3. UOMA Beauty 

We all know that beauty has a way to go in being more inclusive. Strides are being made, but we're not where we need to be yet. Thankfully we have responsive brands like UOMA Beauty that are actually stepping up and delivering products that aren't just for one skin tone or type. 

We predict it will be leading the way this year as a beauty innovator with its range of products for everyone. The brand uses the Fitzpatrick Scale, which measures the skin's reaction to the sun, for the most realistic shades across six skin colour categories. 

First of all, there are 51 shades. This isn't a case of quantity over quality either as the foundations are incredibly realistic. The formulations take into account how all skin tones actually differ. From skin chemistry to undertones, each group of shades has different ingredients. Expect inflammation-reducing for deep tones and hypersensitivity-soothing for fairer skin. Seriously smart.

This is not your average matte lipstick, as the inclusion of mango butter will give you all the benefits of your favourite balm but with high-intensity colour. 

It's rare to get the best of both worlds with an eyeliner. You either get one that has a great formula but it's like solving a 2000 piece puzzle in terms of application, or it's a breeze to apply but lasts for about an hour. This eyeliner has solved both of those problems with a marker pen style that crams in the most intense pigment you're likely to find. 

4. Tandem Skincare

Tandem Skincare is taking a (much-welcome) less-is-more approach to skincare with a line of simple but incredibly effective products. The range is basically the equivalent of a skincare expert going through everyone's entire beauty collections and picking out the effective products that you'll actually use and showing you how to cut down on most of the steps in your skincare routine. 

Tandem Skincare removes any unnecessary packaging as well as ingredients that aren't friendly to your skin or the planet. 

Making the bold claim that this is the only oil you need in your collection, it has to deliver, and with glow-promoting organic rosehip, marula and baobab oils, it most certainly does. 

This light squalene and hyaluronic acid moisturiser is the perfect way to start your day. Its got everything you need in the moisture department, and it brightens the skin and keeps you protected from pollutants. 

5. Honest Beauty

If you're up on your beauty news, you'll know that Jessica Alba's beauty line isn't new, but it is new to the UK. As the brand launched in Boots last year, it's about to become a household favourite. 

There can be a lot of confusion around ingredients and if a product is actually natural or organic. Honest Beauty is all about transparency, so you know exactly what you're getting. 

If you're fed up with your makeup slipping off your face by lunchtime, then this bamboo powder primer has got your back. 

There are so many eye creams out there, but very few of them do anything useful. If the skin around your eyes gets quite dry and tight, especially by the end of the day, then add this to your basket immediately. 

6. Versed 

As Who What Wear's sister brand in the U.S., this affordable, sustainable, vegan and cruelty-free range has been a huge hit with our American friends. One scroll on Instagram and you'll realise that the collection is so good that Brits have been stuffing their suitcases with it to bring it home. 

We can thank our beauty fairy godmother as Versed is now available in the UK so you can get your fix of the under-£20 (yes, really) hero products.

When your skin needs that end of day pick-me-up, squeeze some of this hydration boosting mask and you're good to go. Plus, you'll save so much space on your cabinet shelf with this very clever pouch. 

Cleansing balms are one of the best skincare products around, but they ain't cheap. Especially if you want one that will actually take off your makeup without leaving a greasy mess in your bathroom. This one is not only affordable but still manages to smell just as divine as its pricier counterparts. 

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