Trust Me—These New Accessories Brands Are Going to Blow Up

It's embarrassing to squeal on public transport, but that's what happens when I fall into an Instagram hole and come out the other side with the knowledge of a new brand. You'd think this fashion business was saturated with greatness by now, but no—the newness keeps on coming, and I can't help but fall in love.

As someone who finds it difficult to find clothes that fit (being short and curvy means I have to shop more strategically), I'm always keen on uncovering new accessories to make some trusty old clothes zing. So that's why I'm letting you in on a little secret—well, eight, to be exact. Keep reading to see the hot-of-the-production-line accessory brands I'm into right now. Feel free to tell your fashionable friends about them—I don't need the credit. I do need those hair clips, however.