This New Microtrend Will Elevate Any Outfit


Style du Monde

We know what you're thinking—bow detailing is not a new trend by any means. Well, take a breath, and let us explain. It's not the bows themselves that we are necessarily referring to, it's their placement and employment. We first caught wind of this innovative take on the classic adornment when Simon Porte Jacquemus of Jacquemus dreamt up sweaters, T-shirts and blazers all held together by handfuls of oversize bows (see Diletta Bonaniuti above). Their positioning was unexpected and remarkably unique. 

Since that monumental blue-ribbon (pun intended) moment, bows have been popping up left and right on items ranging from denim to dresses. Whether these adorably feminine add-ons appear in more than one place per item or make one large statement somewhere striking, this simple addition elevates whatever it is you're wearing in seconds flat. This is definitely one of those trends you have to see to believe, which is why we rounded up the prettiest bow-clad items on the market for you here. 

Keep reading to shop the new trend that will elevate your outfit no matter what.