I'm a Fashion Editor, and These Are the 4 Wardrobe Heroes I Swear By

The process of refining your wardrobe into a functioning, well-oiled machine is not one that happens overnight. It takes time to work out what items you actually wear, and often, they will be the pieces you least expect. Someone once taught me this trick: Turn all your clothes hangers the same way, and when you wear each item, you turn each coat hanger around. The result? A very clear representation of the items you do and don't wear. Smart, right? Well, clearly, I'm not the only one who knows the power of a good basic, as NET-A-PORTER has just launched a Wardrobe Heroes category which speaks to exactly this.

NET-A-PORTER wardrobe heroes


Courtesy of NET-A-PORTER.com

Filled with time-tested staples, the section is essentially a ready-made wardrobe capsule. However, there are certain pieces that particularly stand out to me. Over the course of my career, I have whittled down my own "wardrobe heroes" edit to a number of items that I feel great in and are easily mixed and matched. Tailoring plays a big role, so wide-leg trousers and classic shirting make my line-up, as do crowd-pleasers such as throw-on dresses and heritage bags. So whether you're enjoying the summer heatwave or looking forward to the cooler climes of autumn, scroll down to see and shop the wardrobe heroes that get my seal of approval all year round. 

The Wide-Leg Trousers

The Throw-On Dress

The Striped Shirt

The Forever Handbag

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