I Just Added Every Product From This Beauty Hall of Fame Capsule to My Wish List

There's nothing that gives us more glee than all of the best, most sought-after beauty products strategically grouped together to deliver a truly foolproof shopping experience (especially right now when IRL beauty shopping is a thing of the past). As if answering our prayers, Net-a-Porter did just that. Say hello to the retailer's annual Beauty Hall of Fame—a drool-inducing edit highlighting a crème-de-la-crème assortment of skin, makeup, hair, body and fragrance heroes carefully chosen to represent the brand's curated vault of beauty must-haves.

NAP explains that its Hall of Fame comprises the most trustworthy products that will stand the test of time and satisfy even the nitpickiest and most discerning beauty consumers. 'There are some products that stand out from the crowd—and our overcrowded bathroom shelves—because they work well, are a pleasure to use, and deliver results we can see,' adds Newby Hands, NAP's global beauty director, in a press release. Intrigued? We have a hunch you know what to do here, but to get you started, we're highlighting 47 NAP Beauty Hall of Fame picks our editors are especially besotted with. Keep scrolling! Your beauty wish list is hankering for an update. 


What better way to kick off this roundup than one of the most coveted (and scientific) face creams among celebrities, editors and makeup artists? It's an investment, but the formula was strategically designed by Professor Bader to accelerate healing while simultaneously pumping the brakes on the skin's natural aging process. If you have sticker shock, we suggest trying this mini bottle out for size before taking the full plunge. 

Before Augustinus Bader's breakthrough cream burst onto the scene, this holy-grail jar from La Mer was considered the crème de la crème of all moisturisers. Well, it's still every bit as magical and is considered an absolute staple among people with predilections for good skin. 

Retinol fans and newbies, this one is for you! This luxurious oil from Sunday Riley features a key derivative of trans-retinoic acid, which promotes a more youthful-looking complexion come morning by shrinking the appearance of pores, pumping the brakes on wrinkle development, and promoting increased skin elasticity for max suppleness.

Speaking of facial oils, here's another alluring option you probably haven't heard of. (Which makes it all the more enticing, no?) It's composed of a unique medley featuring tucuma, brazil nut and patauá extracts (all of which are sustainably sourced directly from the Amazon rainforest) to immediately drench skin with a fast-absorbing flood of nutrition-packed omegas and vitamins. 

Just when you thought your cleanser was the most boring part of your skincare routine, in comes this ultra-clever sage, geranium, chamomile and rosemary-spiked formula designed with a strategic, slightly negative charge. Why, you ask? So it can A) act as a magnet by lifting unwanted environmental toxins from the skin and B) be used alternatively as a vacuum-esque face mask. 

If you're in the market for plump, healthy skin that's perpetually topped up with glow-enhancing moisture, then there's no better serum than this cult-loved pure hyaluronic acid serum from Dr. Barbara Sturm. In fact, it's so popular that it frequently sells out. We recommend adding it to your wish list stat so you get first dibs on the next delivery. (Or you can try out the less-expensive mini size, which is usually well-stocked.)

Tata Harper doesn't just make the loveliest organic skincare products in the industry; she makes some of the loveliest, most sought-after skincare products in the industry, period. This Resurfacing Serum is a standout for cultivating clear, moisturised and ultra-brightened complexions. 

Think of this majestic, Hungarian-inspired elixir as the face mist of all face mists. Not only is it composed of dreamy, antioxidant-rich waters like rose, sage and orange blossom, but it's also rich in minerals to help heal and rebalance the surface of the skin (which is constantly berated with environmental combatants). 

Here's the inside scoop: While this French-made mask is, indeed, expensive, it's also one of the most beloved formulas used by makeup artists to prep their A-list clients' skin. Brimming with lush ingredients like rose and magnolia, your complexion will look brighter, firmer and smoother after just 15 minutes of wear. 

Beauty-Boosting Tools & Accessories

Is there a superior (or chicer) way to apply your makeup so it looks at one with your skin? If so, please enlighten us. Until then, we'll be using this cheekbone-hugging brush, and this cheekbone-hugging brush only. 

If you're dealing with consistent aches and pains, we recommend this stainless-steel massage tool from Hayo'u, which can be used any time or anywhere (even in the bath) to ease tension and diminish inflammation in the body. 

You might already own a facial roller, but do you own a vibrating facial roller? Developed by celebrity-loved facialist Angela Caglia, this rose-quartz tool yields 6000 sonic vibrations per minute to calm puff, stress and tension, while also maximising the efficacy and absorbancy of your favourite serums and moisturisers. 

Eve Lom's dreamy cleansing balm is one of the most iconic skincare staples maybe ever. These gentle muslin cloths are designed to enhance exfoliation, toning and circulation. They're the cleanser's nonnegotiable accessory. 

Not only are Shhhowercap's waterproof turbans infinitely more beautiful than the average £2 option at the chemist, but they're also incredibly durable, protective (no humidity-induced frizz here!) and perhaps best of all, they're strategically designed so you'll never be left with that telltale shower-cap indent on your forehead. 

This holy-grail skin-tightening set from NuFace is an upfront investment, but with regular use, you'll likely end up saving money thanks to less frequent trips to facialists or derms. (Oh, and you probably won't feel like you need as many skincare products.) In a nutshell, it's designed to replicate spendy in-clinic treatments using FDA-cleared microcurrent technology to stimulate your facial muscles. 

If you think the silk-pillowcase craze is just for aesthetic benefit, think again. Made from hypoallergenic silk, Slip's beloved pillowcases effectively reduce friction so you're less likely to experience beauty sleep–induced hair breakage, and it will also help prevent premature fine lines and wrinkles. 

Another ingenious, in-clinic-replicating device—the highly famous SpectraLite FaceWare Pro from Dr. Dennis Gross. So many facialists we know prescribe this handy tool to their clients so you can reap the professional benefits of LED therapy from the comfort of home. 


Inspired by Charlotte Tilbury's iconic Pillow Talk shade, this is the eye shadow palette that will make you forget about all of your other eye shadow palettes. 

Nailing your nontoxic cheek, lip and lid game has never been easier (or prettier) thanks to this creamy stick formulated with Vitis vita grape extract and Ayurvedic oils. Oh, and did we mention it's the brainchild of legendary makeup artist, Gucci Westman?

Let us introduce you to Code8—one of the chicest brands in British beauty. This best-selling tinted moisturiser features SPF, glow-giving antioxidants and the brand's signature Knead technology to ensure it melts seamlessly into your complexion so it doesn't look (or feel) like you're wearing a mask. 

This game-changing clear gel helps you kill two birds with one stone in your beauty regimen. First, it boosts new hair growth so you can attain the lush brows of your dreams, and second, it's specifically designed with a strategic mix of short and long bristles so you can groom, define and set your arches with clump-free ease. 

This under-the-radar setting powder might not be as well-known as other cult-status formulas, but honestly, it might be the absolute best. It's lightweight, colourless, light-reflecting and it creates the same pore-concealing airbrush effect of your favourite filter. 

Liquid-eyeliner lovers, this one goes out to you. This long-lasting formula not only promises fade and transfer-proof wear, but it's also THE single most pigmented option we've ever tried. 

This berry-coloured lip stain is universally flattering and the only hue we want to wear all summer. (Victoria Beckham, we salute you.)

We like our mascaras buildable, bold, thick and free of clumps and lumps. This new tube from Gucci ticks all of our boxes and then some. 

What could be more brilliant than an eye, lip and face primer chicly packed into one, skin-smoothing set? Nothing, the correct answer is nothing. 


FYI: This is the body-firming cream that made us believers in body-firming creams. Deeply nourishing, this hyaluronic acid and protein-rich cream deep-treats dry, tired skin with results that look glowy, lifted and tightened.

Infused with locally harvested botanical oils like sandalwood, rose, grapefruit and neroli, this divinely concocted organic body oil from Uma is specifically inspired by the rich baths traditionally taken by Indian princesses. Any questions?

There's something about the classic scent of rose that makes a seemingly basic bar of soap infinitely lovelier. However, there are other special characteristics that set this one apart from the pack: A) It's made in France, B) it lathers like a dream upon contact with warm water, C) it's dermatologist-tested and D) ginger and vetiver round out the scent's rosy demeanor.

Two things we love most in this world: coffee and Le Labo. Okay, maybe not entirely, but close to it. This rich body scrub covers all of our bathtub-loving bases.

It can be difficult to maintain a plush, plump and velvety-smooth pout once the summer elements hit, but this organic and vegan lip hero truly deserves a cape. It's expertly formulated with vitamin E–rich cupuaçu butter, decadent desert date oil and inflammation-calming licorice root. 

Say it with us: You're never too old for a Pretty Woman–level bubble bath. This best-selling formula boasts mallow blossom (to soothe), pine oil (to nourish) and juniper berry (to disinfect and detoxify). It's indulgent and lovely. 

Ingrowns and skin irritations are just a fact of life for anyone with pubic (or anywhere) hair, and this chic little bottle from Fur has quickly gained icon status within the beauty biz. It's both dermatologist- and gynecologist-tested, and it uses nutrient-rich grape seed and jojoba oils to hydrate along with a calming blend of tea tree and clary sage to zap irritation-causing bacteria.


A quick introduction—Vernon François is one of the best hair artists in the industry, so really, it should be no surprise that this strand-loving co-wash receives top marks for replenishing shine, elasticity and moisture.

Oh, other dry-texturising sprays actually exist? This one from Oribe is the gold standard for a reason. The results (and smell) can't be beaten. 

'Transformative' is an adjective frequently thrown around the hair-mask playing field. Alas, this formula—which contains a powerful vegetable protein that works at a molecular level—is one of the best you can get your hands on. Whether your hair is craving moisture, damage repair or both, it's a grand slam. Plus, a little goes a long way, so it will last you forever. 

Attention: For anyone who has been on a never-ending search for the ultimate volumising spray, we're here to make your year. This Italian formulation is lightweight yet supremely nourishing and protective of fragile strands thanks to key ingredients like creatine, sweet almond protein, sesame seed oil and sap extract. Just spritz generously through your damp roots and ends before blow-drying and styling as you normally would. 

If it's been a while since your last colour appointment, this clear gloss from Rita Hazan will completely revive your strands. Not only will the hue of your hair look fresher and more vibrant, but this gloss also utilises pro-vitamin B5 and silk proteins to enhance the shine, health and overall resilience of the hair. 

This pre-shampoo treatment is an expert solution for anyone looking to enhance the bounce, shine and overall beauty of their natural texture and curls. It handily comes with a plastic cap, and it also boasts UV filters for an added dose of hair protection.


From renowned French editor Carine Roitfeld comes this best-selling fragrance which, according to Roitfeld, was inspired by an unforgettable lover from Paris. Warm and inviting, it's a citrus blend anchored with Davana oil and myrrh.

A lesser-known icon from Le Labo, Baie 19 is inspired by "the scent of rain after a long, hot spell." According to the brand, it's thus infused with a heady mix of earthy notes like patchouli, juniper berries, ambrox, cade and musk.

Here's a fun bit of trivia for you—Good Girl Gone Bad is (very appropriately, we might add) Rihanna's signature perfume. This version is extra intense and stars the OG formula's signature blend of pink and white roses, orange blossoms, tuberose, Egyptian jasmine sambac and narcissus but with some added vim thanks to milky toffee.

Fragrances are meant to be special, and this one goes above and beyond. Rich in tradition, Majan's collection of fragrances are inspired by beautiful Omani heritage. This scent, MD, is an olfactory tonic that drips with notes of amber, exotic oud, saffron and benzoin.

Not everyone loves warm, spicy or sweet fragrances. If fresh, clean and crisp scents are more your speed, you'll definitely fall for one of French fragrance brand Diptyque's more recent perfume debuts, Minthé—a stunning balance of mint, geranium and patchouli.

This isn't your average perfume, folks. It's a scientific blend that's specifically designed to help you destress and reset. Since smells can trigger both emotional and physiological responses from the body, this scent was created based on research from the Brain and Behaviour Laboratory at the University of Geneva and with help from the global fragrance house Firmenich and legendary perfumer Frank Voelkl. So what, exactly, does a scientific soul-soothing fragrance smell like? According to The Nue Co., green cardamom, iris, palo santo and coriander. 

Without question, this juicy bottle is one of the best Tom Ford fragrances of all time. Not surprisingly, Net-a-Porter agrees with us. We're fairly certain the mix of black cherries, liqueur, bitter almond, Turkish rose and jasmine sambac is unlike anything you've ever smelled before.

Bal D'Afrique is known as one of Byredo's most compliment-inducing perfumes. It celebrates the African culture that heavily influenced music and art in 1920s Paris and blends jasmine, sweet neroli and musk. 

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