Trust Us—This Moisturiser Is Basically Like Having 8 Hours of Sleep
Trust Us—This Moisturiser Is Basically Like Having 8 Hours of Sleep

Trust Us—This Moisturiser Is Basically Like Having 8 Hours of Sleep

If there's one thing that we could all be getting more of right now, it's sleep. Sure, we all know the importance of clocking in those precious eight hours of rest each night for our overall health and wellbeing, but in practice, arriving at the land of nod isn't always so easy. Between busy work schedules, the resurgence of socialising and balancing temporary home offices with partners, kids and needy pets, many of us are feeling too frazzled to wind down at the end of the day. And failure to switch off and rest means that our skin can be left paying the price. In fact, when talking to skin experts this year, one of the most recurring themes we've heard has been the increase in adults seeking help for skin sensitivity, acne and inflammation, all as a result of feeling majorly stressed out. Thankfully, there might be a solution: an evening skincare routine created with relaxation in mind.

"Uncertainty in our daily lives over the last 18 months has reignited skincare rituals that not only deliver visible end results but also help to calm our minds with a sense of nurturing self-care," explains NEOM Product Director, Louise Moore. "Consumers are looking for ingredients they trust and know will deliver, but additional qualities such as texture and smell have become even more important in the overall usage experience."

While the NEOM Scent to Sleep Range has been one of the brand's best-selling lines of relaxing candles and aromatherapy oils, this consumer desire for ritual and routine inspired the beloved wellness brand to turn its attention to skincare. So NEOM has launched a curated edit of products to help care for our complexions while supporting a good night's sleep. The hero product? NEOM's new Perfect Night's Sleep Overnight Facial Cream (£42).


"Our decadent, pillowy soft new Overnight Facial Cream is clinically proven to moisturise skin for 48 hours and is blended with hard-working actives such as cica, ceramides and hyaluronic acid to help soothe and protect the skin’s barrier function," says Moore. "With essential oils of lavender, chamomile and patchouli, it completes the final step in a pre-slumber skincare routine to deliver plumped skin that looks and feels well-rested on waking." Literally sounds dreamy, right?

Well, it gets even better. In an external blind consumer study of 110 people over four weeks, 86% of consumers said that NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Overnight Facial Cream helped to relieve tired skin, and 97% woke up with well-rested skin. The product received 100 reviews in the first week of launch with feedback from customers like “I’m completely sold. I have ageing combination skin that didn’t see quite enough sunscreen in younger years (so lots of fine lines), and this cream is just very, very good. It really does hydrate, it visibly smooths, it goes on very easily.” High praise indeed. But we wanted to put it to the test ourselves to see if it really does live up to the hype. 

We called upon three of our editors and writers to put the NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Overnight Facial Cream to the test and give us their honest feedback.

Keep scrolling to see how they got on with their new sleep-inducing skincare routines.

Shannon Lawlor, Freelance Beauty Editor and Who What Wear Contributor

Shannon Lawlor before applying NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Overnight Facial Cream.

On the surface, my life doesn't seem particularly busy. I work from home and pop out a few times a week for meetings in town. But the lack of scheduled office hours means I basically work all day every day. And while I don't usually struggle to get to sleep, I am an impossibly light sleeper, so I often find myself waking up several times during the night.

Since coming off my contraceptive pill four months ago, my skin has been seriously temperamental, and over the past couple of weeks, it's been particularly oily and gets easily irritated. Because my skin is prone to congestion, I'm not a huge fan of rich moisturising creams as I find that they can clog my pores, so I'll admit that I was dubious the first time I used the NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Cream. I was concerned that it would be too thick and too rich for my oily skin.

However, as soon as I felt it melting into my skin, I knew it felt right. It's rich, but unlike so many other night creams out there, you can feel it sinking into your skin straight away. I'm also a sucker for sensorial products, and thanks to an infusion of lavender, chamomile and patchouli, everything about this moisturiser oozes calmness and peace. It soothed my mind and my skin at the same time. Applying it honestly felt like a form of self-care, and that's all I've ever wanted from my evening skincare routine. 

Shannon Lawlor after applying NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Overnight Facial Cream.

I don't say this lightly (after all, it's my job as a beauty journalist to be critical of such things), but the morning after I first applied it, my skin glowed for the first time in weeks. The cica, ceramides and hyaluronic acid left my face feeling soothed, hydrated and healthy. Most importantly, when I cleansed my face in the morning, there was no trace of grease or oil left on my skin from the night before—just plump, glowing hydration.

Due to my congestion-prone complexion, I probably won't be able to use the NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Cream every night. But I will be sure to keep a pot of this stuff on hand for a self-care session on a Sunday night. Instead of using it as a nightly hydrator, I'll likely utilise it as an intensive weekly treatment. But there's no doubt that I'm officially a night-cream convert.

L'Oréal Blackett, Journalist, Presenter and Who What Wear Contributor

L'Oréal Blackett before applying NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Overnight Facial Cream.

While the pandemic has somewhat slowed me down, I still manage to be pretty busy, and my workdays are full-on hectic. When it comes to winding down at night, I devote a significant portion of my routine to my skin and hair (I wrap and braid my hair before bed), and I'm addicted to watching ASMR videos to help me fall asleep. In terms of sleep itself, I do usually get a good seven hours a night, but recently I've been much more restless. I'm a light sleeper, and apparently, I talk in my sleep, too.

Luckily, my skin is in a happy place right now. I'm not experiencing any of the skin issues that I've had in the past, like hyperpigmentation, oiliness and breakouts. (I do have some very dark circles under my eyes, which I would like to fade away soon.) I am not usually a fan of thick, super-nourishing moisturisers packed with penetrating ingredients, so I was keen to see what the NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Overnight Facial Cream would do for my skin.

The first thing to note about this moisturiser is its enticing smell. I also loved its consistency—thick but lightweight once applied to the skin. I was such a fan of it that I decided to embrace the whole Perfect Night's Sleep routine and layered on the Face Oil (£42) first before massaging my skin with the White Jade Facial Roller (£30) and then patting in the Overnight Facial Cream (£45) for a full pre-bed skincare ritual. Once the cream and oil was massaged in, it had a slightly mattifying effect, so my skin didn’t feel greasy once I made it to bed. It's definitely a routine that I can feel myself embracing regularly. 

L'Oréal Blackett after applying NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Overnight Facial Cream.

What did my skin look like the next morning after using both the oil and the cream? I have one word for you: bright. My skin felt and looked visibly plump and soft. I don't tend to have very dry or oily skin, so I really liked that it didn't interfere with my skin's natural chemistry. And after two weeks of using the overnight facial cream, things only got better. My skin's texture was softer than ever and looked youthful. I'm a big believer in hyaluronic acid, and it's an ingredient that I use in my skincare routine anyway, so I was happy that the NEOM overnight cream was brimming with the stuff. It's a reliable moisturiser and one that I'll definitely be adding to my regular skincare rotation. Next, I just hope that NEOM will add an eye cream to the range. I'll be first in line!

Elinor Block, Who What Wear Assistant Editor

Elinor Block Before Applying NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep



Elinor Block before applying NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Overnight Facial Cream.

I have a 3-year-old and a full-time job, and I'm six months pregnant, so you can imagine that my life feels quite busy right now. This means that if I want to look after my skin, I have to do it effectively and quickly. Skincare is all about efficiency, and I quite often end up taking my makeup off and applying skincare products while I'm doing bathtime. Despite all of that, I sleep fairly well and usually get about seven to eight hours per night. But I've always been a light sleeper, so I do wake up throughout the night—and if I don't, then my toddler does!

When it comes to my nighttime moisturiser, richness is key. I've noticed that my skin craves moisture as I've gotten older, so a thick moisturiser is important in the evening. I love that the NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Overnight Cream felt thick and silky in my fingers, which is always a good sign. It's super nourishing, but also has a serum-like quality. The smell is wonderful, too, and it had quite the soporific effect.

Elinor Block During Applying NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep



Once on my skin, the moisturiser sank in very quickly, which I love. I really can't stand a product that just sits on my skin. It also made my skin feel smooth immediately, which was wonderful, rather than leaving it feeling tacky, which I really hate. I like to use a roller on my face three times a week, so I was pleased that NEOM has its own White Jade Facial Roller that I could incorporate into my routine.

Elinor Block After Applying NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep



Elinor Block before (right) and after (left) applying NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Overnight Facial Cream.

The morning after using this, my skin already felt fresher and looked smoother. In fact, while I don't think that any magical product could make my dark circles will go away overnight, I could definitely see an improvement, which really impressed me. I already use and love the NEOM candles (they're some of my favourites), but the pillow spray and the roller are also great additions to my evening routine. And the Perfect Night's Sleep Overnight Facial Cream has become a new skincare staple for me.

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