Matinée, Princess or Collar: Picking the Right Necklace Length Changes an Outfit

Picking the right necklace length can really make your outfit. A choker that hits at just the right spot can really pull together an outfit, while one that hangs precariously at the wrong length can totally throw it off. From fine gold chains worn neatly at the base of the neck to midlength options ideal for layering together, there are so many necklace lengths to choose between.

Necklace lengths: Street style wearing a blazer and gold necklaces


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And if you’re at a loss with all of the different sizes, we’re here to break them down. Scroll below to learn all about them, and then shop our favourites.

14" Collar

Necklace lengths: Camille Charriere wearing layered necklaces



This length is ideal if you’re looking to make a statement. The 14” fits tightly around the neck and much like Camille Charrière’s Anissa Kermiche pearl choker, is best worn with open-neck tops or shirts.

16" Choker 

This length is a little easier to wear than the collar, as it sits against the base of the neck and can be worn with most necklines. Jeanette Madsen opted for a delicate beaded necklace styled with a low-cut V-neck blouse.

18" Princess

If you’re looking for something classic, go for a Princess length, which rests on the collarbone and can be worn with most necklines.

24" Opera

If you’re searching for something to pull a simple outfit together, try the 24” necklace, which falls on the bust or below. 

30" to 34" Rope

This one is ideal for layering. The rope length falls below the bust and is best for formal evening attire. Or why not take your cue from Anna Vitiello and style a fine gold chain over a double-breasted blazer?

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See? It makes a difference!

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