Nasty Gal's Sophia Amoruso Has a New Gig

Talk about a perfect match! Nasty Gal founder and #GirlBoss author Sophia Amoruso just landed a new gig contributing career advice for Marie Claire. Kicking things off in the magazine’s September issue, Amoruso’s first go-round was also posted to the magazines website yesterday and hints at the awesome insight the self-made lady will be offering up each month. Let’s put it this way: Amoruso is not mincing words.

“As I wrote in my book: You shouldn’t idolize anyone. And I’m telling you again, don’t idolize me. I don’t know sh*t!. Neither do your parents. But if I can pull this off, so can you. Take that and run with it.”

Yep, you can count us in as regular readers!

Head to WWD to learn more! Will you be checking out Amoruso’s new column? Sound off in the comments!