18 Reasons Nashville Is A Hidden Fashion Gem

Life imitating art has never proved truer than in the city of Nashville. One glance at this cultural-rich epicentre of all things music, gastronomy, and style, and it’s quickly clear that this city is a fashion-lover’s dream come true. Need proof? Aside from the fact that western staples like bolero jackets, cowboy accessories, and fringe everything ruled the F/W 14 collections, Nashville plays host to some of fashion's greatests like Karen Elson, Jack White, and for the upcoming fall season, the iconic denim brand, Guess!

?Scroll down for 18 reasons you should visit Nashville!

Reason #18: Food Instagram Potential Is High

Where: Barista Parlor 
A breakfast sandwich and coffee never looked (nor tasted) so fantastic.

Reason #17: Home To Concert Poster Aficionados

Where: Hatch Show Print 
This print shop began in 1849, and continues to create one-of-a-kind posters for the biggest names in the music business.

Reason #16: Johnny Cash Graffiti

You've got your work cut out for you, Banksy.

Reason #15: Designers Who Have Worked With The Rat Pack

Where: Manuel 
The legendary designer, Manuel has created excuisite pieces for the likes of Johnny Cash, The Rat Pack, Bob Dylan, and many, many more.

Reason #14: Honky Tonks Galore

Where: Honky Tonk Grill
You'd be crazy not to fall in love with these live entertainment bars.

Reason #13: Cowboy Boots For Miles And Miles

Because when you think about it, life alongside cowboy boots sounds pretty nice, doesn't it?

Reason #12: Thrift Store Goldmine

Where: Goodbuy Girls 
Coming from a city so rich in culture and history, you'd expect nothing less than perfect vintage clothing.

Reason #11: Babes Upon Babes

Where: Hatch Show Print 
Hello, bombshell.

Reason #10: Nom Nom Nom

Where: The Farm House 
File Under: carnviorous dishes you must have before you die.

Reason #9: Epicentre Of Vintage Records

Where: The Johnny Cash Museum 
Just in case you weren't aware, if you want to make it in the music business, Nashville is the place to be.

Reason #8: Bold And Bright Architecture

Where: Barista Parlor
Are you an aspiring fashion blogger? You'll get your shots in Nashville, trust us.

Reason #7: Stylish Photo-Ops

Where: Barista Parlor 
No reason not to pose in a vintage car when you see one, no?

Reason #6: Fashionable Friend Encounters

Where: Dino’s Bar 
Oh hey, Andrew Bevan!

Reason #5: Junkyard Jubilees

Where: Alegria
Listen, this oversized soup can is cool—pure and simple.

Reason #4: Sweet Cream Biscuit-Flavored Ice Cream (No Lie)

Where: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams 
Los Angeles has its cupcakes, New York has its cronuts, and Nashville has its insanely well-flavored ice cream. 

Reason #3: Sign-Seeing

Where: Goodbuy Girls
The plentitude of fashionable knick knacks in Nashville is practically unfathomable. 

Reason #2: Bowling With Cocktails

Where: Pinewood Social 
The title says it all, really.

Reason #1: Unabashed Chocolate Indulging

Where: Husk 
We present: the best dessert in Nashville. 

Guess Longette Snake-Embossed Moto Skirt ($118)
Pair this snakeprint skirt with a t-shirt and chelsea boots, and you're as good as gold.

Guess Embroidered Shirtdress ($98)
It would be a sin not to wear this adorable dress with a pair of cowboy boots.

Guess Set Me Up Floral-Print Bustier ($70)
Style this daring crop with flattering high-waist Guess jeans for the ultimate bombshell ensemble.

Guess Grand Ditsy-Print Crossover Slip Dress ($118)
No matter how you define your personal style, this delightful frock will find its home in your wardrobe.

Have YOU ever travelled to Nashville? If so, share your favourite spots in the comments below!

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