6 Beautiful Nails and Jewellery Pairings We Can’t Stop Staring At

We've said it before and we'll say it again: Often, it's the littlest things that can make the biggest impact, and nothing has the power to overhaul your look quite like how you choose to decorate your nails and the jewellery you pair with them.

While many of us will inadvertently adopt style signatures—be it a red lip, flicked eyeliner or a penchant for a specific colour of dress—we believe that nails and jewellery present perhaps one of the coolest opportunities to put your personality across.

For example, minimalists may opt for thin, layered rings, which they partner with a sleek taupe polish, while maximalists might choose bold hues and OTT nail art accompanied by chunky knuckledusters.

And seeing as more and more of us have been trying our (shaky) hands at DIY manicures in lieu of salon appointments, Instagram is currently a haven for nail and jewellery ideas. Scroll down to see the nail and jewellery combos that'll no doubt inspire you to switch up your look. 


Nails and Jewellery Ideas: @lefevrediary keeps her mani minimal



Style Notes: Taupe nails will never fail to look elegant. We love how Amy has given her talons a personal touch by wearing them with rings that look as if she's collected them on her travels. Finish with a simple chain bracelet for a chic flourish. 


Nails and Jewellery Ideas: @heartzeena pairs her abstract nails with diamonds and gold



Style Notes: Honestly, we don't know what we love more—Zeena's modernist manicure or her ensemble of luxe-looking rings. Sure, her talons might be playful, but her grown-up array of jewellery ensures they look chic as can be. Gorgeous. 


Nails and Jewellery Ideas: @thatsaleaf styles her daisy nails with signet rings



Style Notes: Daisy nails have been one of the most significant trends of the summer, and when they look this adorable, it's not hard to see their appeal. We love how, much like Zeena, Elif has given her cutesy mani a sophisticated spin by pairing it with simple signet rings. 

Style Notes: Accent nails (where one nail is painted in a different hue from the rest) are still going strong, once again proving our point: The smallest tweaks can have the biggest impact. Here, Karina styles her accent manicure with timeless trinity- and sunburst-ring designs. 


Nails and Jewellery Ideas: @celmatique takes the more is more manicure and jewellery approach



Style Notes: If you consider yourself a maximalist, then you need only look at Celeste's feed. Her more-is-more nail art looks even more fierce thanks to the addition of statement logo, word, and chain-link rings. 


Style Notes: See? We told you daisy nails are all the rage right now, with Hannah's pastel mash-up being one of the prettiest out there. We love how she ticks off another subtle trend with the addition of nautical-inspired adornments.