What It Takes to Style an Iconic Music Video

Even before the advent of filmic video albums like Beyoncé’s 2017 rip-roarer Lemonade, the fashion-centric music video was very much en vogue—but it's been a long time coming. There are some truly iconic style moments tied to music videos from way back when (hi, Cher, Madge and the Spice Girls), but in the ’90s, overstyling was out, and in the noughties, the look was really focused around sexy—not hunting down some rare Rei Kawakubo, for example—and therefore you’d often find that the location, vibe and story were prioritised far far above the message that a wardrobe could actually quite neatly convey to a keen audience.

Now trends are starting via YouTube’s trending videos, and even political and social values can be translated through the clothes that artists choose to wear. But that all, of course, comes with the hugely influential input of a professional stylist. As I was pondering what exactly it takes to produce something that garners fashion press as much as it does the attention of a mass audience (and hopefully a decent spot in Apple’s download charts), I knew the woman to speak to: our regular columnist and super-styling guru Avigail Collins.

Not only has this A-list stylist been working with music stars for years, she’s just fresh off the set from an extravaganza of a magical video shoot she "literally cannot get out of her head" with Jess Glynne in Mexico. I caught up with her to discover everything there is to know about the modern phenomenon that is the fashion/music video hybrid, and what it takes to be a celebrity stylist for a modern music artist.