You're Terribly 2018, Muriel: How This Movie's Fashion Is Surprisingly Current

My conversations with our associate social media editor Isabel have revolved around one particular super-niche topic for weeks now: Just how 2018 are Muriel's outfits in Muriel's Wedding? The memorable Abba-reviving movie is now 28 years old (WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?), and it's perhaps no coincidence that we're thinking about it again: There's a constant influx of '90s trends continuing to make their return.

Take a quick glance at the coolest celebrity girls of that time and you could literally lift their outfits onto Bella, Emily Ratajkowski and friends right now. You may not even realise just how 1994 your closet is right now. That tiny mini bag you desire so badly? Yup, very '90s. The spaghetti-strap dress saving you during this heatwave? Ditto. How about the diamanté belt you've searched out on Etsy? Same. And the list goes on: bustier tops, satin fabrics, handkerchief hems, "mom" jeans, hair clips…

So when Simone Porte Jacquemus—aka the French designer responsible for most of the It-girl trends out there right now—confirmed our suspicions about Muriel and pals/enemies, we knew we were onto something. He recently posted an Insta Story comparison shot of terrible Muriel wearing spiral earrings, and any fashion girl could have instantly understood the reference: Jacquemus introduced some strikingly similar drop earrings this season. And how about the hat? Straw parasol–sized hats are not only a Jacquemus signature but also a key beach look of 2018. Keep reading to see the myriad ways Muriel is suddenly at the top of her fashion game.

Sarongs and Cup Swimsuits

Muriel's old-school "friends" shouldn't be overlooked within the inspiration points of the movie: This particular array of printed sarongs, underwired swimsuits and punchy pastel colours wouldn't look out of place in a holiday #squadgoals post on Instagram right now.

Mini-Pearl Earrings

You know the teeny-tiny pearl earrings every Scandi girl has been wearing? It's like they've swiped them off Muriel on her wedding day. They have in fact been buying them from Anni Lu.

Mini Sunglasses, Scrunchies and a Sequin Dress

This going-out look from Muriel was a real shocker at the time, but look again and you'll see some major 2018 items are in check, including the OTT party dress (bows, sequins and lipstick-red hue), sunglasses at night (mini, obviously) and scrunchie. If you don't see this in Dalston this weekend, I'll eat my straw hat.

Totally Tropical Holiday Packing

From banana prints to cherry earrings, we've spotted an entire buffet's worth of juicy-fruit pieces across the most fun holiday wardrobes across the land. Muriel's frenemies didn't know just how on trend they were…

Leopard Print EVERYTHING

If there's one thing we're desperate to track down right now, it's a decent leopard-print dress—Ganni have delivered. And yeah, we'd probably wear it with gold hoops and a matching ocelot scrunchie too, thanks.

Geometric Earrings

Thanks to Jacquemus you can basically buy these earrings again—or did you save a pair from the first time around?

While you're here, check out Kate Moss's '90s style.

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