What's Mumbai Style Like? 5 of Its Coolest Residents Weigh In

Known for being the national epicentre of fashion, finance and film, Mumbai is the largest city in all of India. And should you want to learn more about the city’s street style but can’t afford a plane ticket to see it yourself, we have a solution. We asked fashion bloggers from Mumbai to break down what women are really wearing. First, we found out that due to the fast-paced nature of the city and its hot, humid climate, Mumbaikars tend to opt for breathable and casual dressing.

It’s therefore no surprise that athleisure is one of the biggest trends happening right now. Although Western fashion has influenced style as well, the women we spoke to tell us they prefer to blend traditional Indian dressing with international trends. Bright colours, baggy jeans, and light fabrics are staples in street style, while sneakers or flat sandals are a must for walking around the bustling city. Scroll to learn about Mumbai style from five cool women who call it home; then shop the trends they love.