Stylish Mums Agree—These 5 Items Are Non-Negotiable

Samantha Silver and Gemma Rose Breger are industry experts who have been using their extensive fashion and beauty knowledge to create one of the most engaging mum-focused websites out there: This Is Mothership gives stylish but realistic advice on every imaginable topic. Here they decode the wardrobe essentials that keep you sane, stylish and on the good side of your bank manager.

Since becoming mums, we haven't had to alter our style too much. We don't tend to cavort around in five-inch heels quite like we used to, but the wardrobe staples we relied upon pre-kids are similar to what we use now: a good quality handbag that will last forever (and now we can pass it down to our children, so cost per wear becomes even less!), some perfect-fit denim (that we now bulk-buy, as the knees tend to wear away quicker now than ever before…) and block heels that we can easily wear for a day's work and still manage to pick up the kids from the nursery on time.

Keep reading to see our top shopping picks for the five items stylish mums will come back to time and time again.