Everyone's Going to Ditch Pink for This Colour in 6 Months

As soon as we walked into the Mulberry space we were struck by one thing—the beautiful lilac carpet. Pink has been having a moment of late, from bubblegum walls as Instagram back drops to that Ganni jumper, but judging by London Fashion Week there is one colour that might just topple it—purple.

The Mulberry collection was filled with colours to make you smile: yellows, greens, pinks and oranges but it was the colour purple that truly got the iPhones lifting. There was a rainbow of different shades with lilac floral pleated dresses, Blair Wardolf-esque tights, spherical purple handbags carried as clutches, lavender-tinted sunglasses, and dusty heather blouses.

As ever, Mulberry's creative director Johnny Coca, formerly of Céline, excelled in the handbag department with circle clutches and micro purses. But it was the Quality Street purple, leather folded-over tote bags that we can't get out of our heads. Keep scrolling to see the new Mulberry bags in action, as well as all the purple looks...

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