Find Out Which Bag Brand Might Just Be the Next Céline

You might recall a time not too long ago, perhaps a couple of years or so, when suddenly everyone who was anyone on the street style scene was carrying Céline's oversized Phantom luggage bag. As with many things in fashion, what appeared to be an overnight phenomenon was, in fact, the result of a lot of work; and in this specific case, much of it was the work of a man named Johnny Coca.

Coca has been Céline's head accessories designer for some time now, and is largely responsible for the transformation of the brand into a household name over the past few years. According to Business of Fashion, Coca has officially been tapped as Mulberry's new creative director—and we fully expect this to have major ramifications on the U.K. label's status as a solid producer of It-bags.

Coca secedes British designer Emma Hill as creative director of the brand, after Hill announced her resignation more than a year ago. As a brand, Mulberry has been working for some time now to re-establish itself as cool, modern, and relevant to the It-crowd—including their move to tap Cara Delevingne as designer of a capsule leather collection for them. We see this decision to bring on Johnny Coca as more of the same, and expect to see some ultra-chic and newly reimagined bags from Mulberry in the not-so-distant future.

What do you think of Coca's move from Céline to Mulberry? Tell us in the comments below!


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