This Brand Beat Zara and H&M for Most Valuable in the World

The advertising company Millward Brown has released its 10th annual BrandZ Most Valuable Global Brands list, and the results are quite surprising. For the top-10 apparel ranking, Nike received the #1 spot, beating out much-loved companies like Zara, H&M, and Ralph Lauren that have more-obvious associations with fashion. Even crazier is that Nike ranked 34th in the overall list last year, proving that its transition has been as swift and speedy as the athletes it so often celebrates.

Adidas and Lululemon were also in the top 10, signalling a shift in what qualifies as an apparel brand, and not simply a sports apparel brand. Clearly athleisure is more than just a passing fad, so the question now is will it change the way we dress forever? Well, Vanessa Friedman had this to say in The New York Times:

“Just because it is based in Oregon instead of Paris, Milan, New York or London doesn’t mean Nike doesn’t have its eye on the women’s wear prize.”

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