It's Official: These Have Been the Most Stunning A-List Wedding Dresses of 2016

Most of us hear about the fabulous Hollywood and A-list weddings that take place from the photos cropping up in a glossy magazine (or online) a few days or weeks later. But there are some stylish weddings you may miss if you're not quick enough, thanks to the fact that before they even make it into a magazine, they're now plastered all over Instagram. Case in point is actress Dianna Agron's recent marriage to Winston Marshall, the banjoist for Mumford & Sons. This year, the pair wed in Morocco surrounded by some very stylish-looking guests who snapped some incredible pics of the pair, including shots of Agron's two gorgeous wedding dresses. 

But this isn't the only couple to have wed in 2016. Over the past year, we've kept an eye out to spot some of the most fashion-forward nuptials that have taken place. Whether that's because the bride had three designer wedding dresses or that the guests are some of the most stylish we've ever seen, take a look at our visual guide to the most fashionable weddings to take place this year so far. Click through our gallery for the best and most stylish weddings of 2016. You won't be disappointed.