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Most Searched-For Fashion Items in the World


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This month, Who What Wear UK is shifting the fashion focus from our home turf to exploring international style: Welcome to our Global Fashion Gang.

Trends can not only whizz around the globe within an instant, but they can also start at any given moment, in any given timezone, from any possible geographic coordinates. Ukraine is a new secret source for fresh fashion brands; Spain is producing more cool bloggers and shoe labels than I've had hot dinners; big spenders in India are putting that economy on the map in a big, big way (it's actually replaced China as the most promising retail environment); French girls influence us on a daily basis to dress in a more sassy, laissez-faire way. And yet, despite all of these very visible goings on—Instagram is nothing if not primarily responsible for this movement—you'll still find that local looks, must-haves and shopping desires do still differ.

That's why we reached out to the clever people at fashion search engine Lyst to dig a little deeper. What's trending in Tokyo? What's everyone looking at in Portugal? Does Mexico have its very own It bag right now? The results of the most searched-for items this year according to Lyst's data is below: some might surprise, and some might make you want to up sticks and move to a different country if your personal style appears to be a perfect match… I think I'll book a flight to Brazil.

The search "Zimmermann dress" makes sense considering that the brand is both Australian and beloved of celebrity and influencers the globe over: this particular style (now sold out) has been very present on social media.

Adam Selman's hugely successful Last Lolita cat-eyes from his ongoing collab with Le Specs have been seen on celebs, fashion industry girls and influencers nonstop over the past year, but it's the Brazilian crew who are into them the most.

There are three Gucci items in this list, and all of them have the potential for longevity rather than just one-season wonderment. Chinese girls apparently search more for Gucci's Marmont styles (this flap silhouette being the original) than any other designer bag. Very interesting indeed.

Trust the French girls to have the sassiest item on the list: they've been searching for the specific strappy, barely there frock from homegrown designer Jacquemus more than anything else. Expect to see this all over your feed come holiday season.

Now this one surprised me: I had foolishly imagined Germans being into simple, sensible plain Adidas Originals Stan Smiths. Not so. Their most searched-for fashion item right now is a far more elaborate option: metallic Golden Goose sneakers that come in at a fairly wallet-denting £330.

Indian women know where it's at—their #1 search on Lyst is for "Prada shoulder bags" and we couldn't agree with them more when you see chic styles like this Esplanade piece coming in…

You may be more acquainted with your Jamie skinny jeans from Topshop, but it's absolutely fascinating to know that in Israel it's the Joni that's trending.

Have you noticed that Fendi logos have been made highly visible once more thanks to celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian? It's interesting to see that label-lovers that the Italians historically are have translated this trend into swimwear. The search term "Fendi monogram bikini" is their current go-to, but you'll only really find vintage products to fit.

I would imagine that the Japanese were originally searching for the spring 2018 pastel coloured logo tee from Versace, but the brand has already moved onto these simpler, more straightforward designs for summer.

Puma's Muse Metal sneakers weren't only sought-after by trainer-loving Koreans: These rose-gold trimmed sneaks are sold out everywhere I look.

Similar to Brazil, in Mexico sunglasses are at the top of the search list and specifically "Ray-Ban round metal classics."

Fila's Disruptor trainers have been popular in UK streetwear circles (I hear the white versions keep selling out at Urban Outfitters), so it's interesting to see that perhaps Poland's girls are a) into more urban fashion options and b) potentially pinpointing these new must-haves before many other countries.

Due to their brutal winter weather, it's no surprise that Scandi girls are adept at making outwear choices that stand out. This particular pink bomber has been their most searched-for item of all.

The search term "Danse Lente bag" is a particularly interesting one for Portugal: the new handbag brand has been really buzzed about in London and only around since the beginning of the year. Are Portugal fashion lovers more trend-setting than we had ever realised? Sounds like it.

Since super-brands couldn't always export their goods to Russia in the past, it's no wonder that key designer items like this classic Gucci belt are still searched for so often.

I would go so far as to say the original Valentino Rockstud isn't quite as popular as it originally was in the UK (there are now many new iterations to keep super-fans happy), but it's still a huge retail success for the brand—particularly in the United Arab Emirates.

What's fascinating about the UK's most searched-for term this year is that this it hasn't been available for ages and was first spotted on Tali Lennox in 2014. Granted it is the colour of the spring 2018—but why is everyone rediscovering this easy, breezy all-in-one in 2018?

Ukraine girls are looking for Rag & Bone leather jackets more than anything else. They clearly want to prioritise their spend on classic, useful everyday items.

Mango being a Spanish brand perhaps makes this search term ("Mango linen striped dress") less of a shock—but I would never have guessed a shirtdress would overtake searches for simpler items such jeans or some sold-out shoes.

Comfort combined with designer cred appears to be the magic formula in the United States, as Gucci's Pursuit slides (aka Web Slides as they are called above) are Lyst's most searched item in that part of the world.

Oh, and one thing that's being searched for everywhere? This Céline buy.

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