These Are the Most-Pinned Zara Pieces in the UK Right Now

Elinor Block

Question: What would we do without Pinterest? It is the place where many of us find fashion inspiration and even create our own wardrobe mood boards (come on, we all do it). It's somewhere to check out the latest celebrity looks or street style outfits but also just to shop. According to Pinterest, "93% of people say they use Pinterest to plan for purchases and another 87% have made a purchase after seeing a product they liked."

So what are people shopping? Well, we decided to ask Pinterest about one of our favourite stores, Zara, and which pins were the most popular in the UK. There were plenty of surprises, featuring one trend in particular three times, plus a couple of other classics that appear to never go out of fashion. If you're an avid fan of Zara and want to know about who's shopping what on Pinterest right now, then we suggest you keep scrolling to find out which pieces you can shop right now.

1. Embroidered Jumper


We see this being a big hit this spring.

2. Black Leather Jacket


While it might surprise some that this is being featured, considering it's such a classic piece, Zara makes some of the best high-street leather jackets around.

3. Velvet Dress


Proof that the velvet trend won't be disappearing any time soon.

4. Black Overcoat


Because you can never go wrong with a style like this. 

5. Embroidered White Shirt


We predict big things for this trend. 

6. Pleated Skirt


Another look that remains ever popular is the pleated skirt. It's easy to see why. 

7. Oversize White Shirt


Pair with skinnies or invest in a corset to cinch in the waist (the easiest way to update your outfit this season). 

8. Over-the-Knee Boots


It may not be for everyone, but Zara handily does a line of affordable options in different colour-ways. 

9. Floral Dress


That makes three pieces of embroidery on this list. Yeah, it's a big trend.

Keep scrolling to click through our gallery of the pieces you can shop right now according to these most-pinned pieces on Pinterest.

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