The 4 Most Popular Shoes of 2019 Thus Far

When it comes to my wardrobe, I tend to dress with an air of caution. Most of my clothes pertain to a muted colour palette. Silhouette-wise, I find myself opting for tailored blazers, straight-leg trousers and clean-cut dresses time and time again. That's not to say, however, that I don't have a wild style streak—I simply reserve it for shoes. 

Most Popular Shoes 2019: Susie Lau in Alexander McQueen Trainers


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Influencer Susie Lau wears Alexander McQueen trainers. 

Having spent most of my teens teetering around in taxi heels (read: the kind of heels you can only wear when you're certain the only walking you'll be doing is from car to venue), now I tend to favour flats—albeit statement flats. And apparently I'm not the only one. 

Most Popular Shoes 2019: Gucci Flashtrack Trainers


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Gucci's souped-up Flashtreck trainers on the catwalk. 

I spoke to my contacts at Lyst to find out what the most-popular shoes of 2019 are so far and, to my surprise, they're all flats. Web searches for "flat shoes" are rising at a colossal 212% month-on-month since the year began—likely a byproduct of the warmer weather and the fact spring is on the horizon

So which shoes are the most in-demand of 2019 thus far? Well, there are four styles that are proving more popular than the rest—and they're all pretty statement, to say the least. Keep scrolling to discover the most popular shoes 2019 has to offer. Spoiler alert: It involves furry sandals.

Alexander McQueen Exaggerated Sole Trainers

Alexander McQueen's exaggerated sole trainers have been around for a while (we told you about them back in 2016), but they're still proving as popular as ever. Having sparked many a high-street duplicate, it seems people are still snapping up the real deal.

Gucci Ace Trainers

Having featured highly on every fashion industry best-selling list for the last five years, of course a Gucci pair (or two) made the top four. On one hand, the brand's trademark Ace trainers appeal to the more reserved end of its clientele spectrum, but, with the introduction of different embellishments and fabrics, they've proved just as popular with eclectic dressers, too. 

Ugg Fluff Yeah Slide Sandals

While we're here for any and every trend, we have to question which occasion calls for full-coverage shearling sandals. Apparently hoards of you have figured that out, though. DM us!

Gucci Flashtrack Trainers

Not content with having created just one of this 2019's most-popular shoes, Gucci went on to deliver the Flashtreck. Considering the chunky-sole trend is still going strong, these souped-up styles are sure to add oomph to any outfit. 

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