The Most Popular Fashion Week Might Surprise You

In the fashion world, it's an oft-held theory that Paris is the most coveted fashion week ticket of them all. New York, London, and Milan are all fabulous, of course, but it's Paris that all the insiders clamor to attend.

But according to one recent study, Paris ain't all that—it's New York that holds the position of the most visited of the big four international fashion weeks. Switchfly, a tech company that surveys and records travel data, just released its 2015 Fashion Week Index, which reveals the past four years' travel bookings to the big four cities. According to the findings, New York is where it's at.

"The data shows that New York consistently outpaces London, Paris, and Milan during both winter and spring fashion weeks," reads a release that hit our inboxes today. "In February 2015, London saw just 70% of the traffic New York did—the most traffic that any of the three European cities has seen in the last four years during fashion week—outpacing Paris and Milan by 65% and 52%, respectively."

In laywoman's terms? More people travel to New York for fashion week (way more people!) than any of the other three big cities. Which fashion week would you want to attend? Share in the comments below!