These Classic Sneakers Are Britain's Most-Bought Fashion Item of 2017

Welcome to Who What Wear UK's Brit Month, a four-week-long riot of brilliant wardrobe-related things that just so happen to be British. From home-grown startup brands that we want to bring to your attention to the naturally awe-inspiring stylings of our nation's best dressed street style stars, this is your hub for the finest fashion intel from these fair Isles.

The most popular fashion items of 2017? Well, for once we're not going to give you the editor's slant of what we think should be or could be the most worthwhile purchases. Instead, we're looking at some cold, hard stats to bring you real-time answers. We teamed up with the stylish data crunchers at Lyst (the global fashion search engine) to find out what voracious shoppers—such as yourselves—have been tirelessly clicking to buy.

Charting back to the beginning of January, the information gathered is pretty astounding, and occasionally, surprising. There are items that we gave you the first scoop on—and warned you about their selling power—and then there are pieces in the mix that have become modern classics that defy any season, and that any girl would be proud to own.

So without further ado, let's dig into the data and reveal the most popular fashion items of 2017 thus far (with added shopping opportunities, of course).