These Are the 25 Most Searched-For Dresses on Google This Year

At Who What Wear UK, we talk a lot about dresses. Given I have written a story on every single dress trend going, I now consider it part of my job to know the things British women look for the most when dress shopping. Midi lengths are typically considered the most flattering cut, leopard and polka dots are the leading prints, and Self-Portrait is probably the most coveted brand. My friends at Google confirmed some of these theories when they sent me a list of the 25 most-searched-for dresses of 2019 so far.

The most searched-for dress in 2019 is a little black dress, following by leopard-print dresses, long-sleeved dresses and T-shirt dresses. The list below includes some classic basics that will fit into many wardrobes—regardless of personal style—including a navy blue dress, a black wrap dress and a denim shirtdress. However, there were some colours that surprised me. Three of the 25 dresses are white; emerald green made an appearance in the list; and royal-blue dresses are searched for more than navy dresses.

Most popular dresses 2019: leopard dress



Keep scrolling to see the 25 most-searched-for dresses right now according to Google, and then shop my favourites of 2019.

1. Little Black Dress

Audrey Hepburn made little black dresses a wardrobe staple, and decades later, they're still in the top spot.

2. Leopard-Print Dress

You only need to glance around on any London tube carriage for evidence that this is a very popular dress trend this year. 

3. Long-Sleeved Dress

According to Google data, there's a high demand for long-sleeved dresses.

4. T-Shirt Dress

T-shirt dresses are another popular basic. 

5. Polka-Dot Dress

Polka-dot dresses are a real crowdpleaser with us Brits; they've made it into the top five most-searched-for dresses.

6. Long-Sleeved Maxi Dress

And here we have another category of popular long-sleeved dresses…

7. Red Prom Dress

The only prom-style dress to make it to this list are red dresses, and we've found an amazing one at ASOS. 

8. Ted Baker Dress

Ted Baker is a firm favourite for wedding season, and the below yellow style from the new collection is our favourite. 

9. Snake-Print Dress

Just behind leopard print is another animal print: snake.

10. Monsoon Wedding Dress

Monsoon's wedding dresses are the first bridal search to make it onto the list. 

11. Self-Portrait Dress

Self-Portrait is one of our favourite dress designers at a mid-price point. 

12. Denim Pinafore Dress

You often see Londoners wearing denim pinafore dresses with Converse and a basket bag. 

13. One-Shoulder Dress

The below Galvan dress could make anyone want a one-shoulder dress.

14. Lace Wedding Dress

Lace wedding dresses have been the most popular style since Kate Middleton's royal wedding.

15. White Midi Dress

A classic but a goodie. The below Equipment dress is on of the most elegant dress I've seen this year.

16. Long-Sleeved Midi Dress

This is the silhouette of midi dresses you'll see in every new-in section right now.

17. Denim Shirtdress

A denim shirtdress is one of those items that always looks cool—and we particularly love Nanushka's version this season.

18. Emerald-Green Dress

Emerald-green dresses are in demand this year. Kate Middleton is a fan. 

19. ASOS Maternity Dress

This might have a little something to do with the fact that Meghan Markle wore an ASOS maternity dress recently…

20. White Maxi Dress

This is a useful one to pack into your holiday suitcase.

21. Black Wrap Dress

A black wrap dress is a useful basic to have in your wardrobe. 

22. Royal-Blue Dress

I was a little surprised by the specificity of this colour. As it turns out, royal-blue dresses are more searched for than navy dresses.

23. White Summer Dress

White dresses are the most searched-for colour—and not just because of the demand for wedding dresses.

24. Navy-Blue Dress

A navy-blue dress is a classic wardrobe basic that goes with almost anything, so it's not surprising this made it into the top 25 most-searched-for dresses in 2019.

25. Maternity Maxi Dress

Lastly, in the top spot is maternity maxi dresses, and this knot-front mint midi from ASOS is one of our favourites. 

Opening image: @darjabarannik

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