8 Items That Are a Dead Giveaway You're a Fashion Expert

"What item of yours would you save first from a burning building?" might be a terribly clichéd interview question, however, the one piece that someone loves the most in their wardrobe can be very revealing about their personal style. I asked all of the Who What Wear editors about the one thing in their wardrobe they cherish the most and that they would be most distraught to lose. Surprisingly, no two answers were the same. Some went sentimental, picking a piece that they've worn for decades, while others went for newer loves, showing that trending items can hold a real place in your heart. Keep scrolling to see (and shop) the Who What Wear team's most-loved fashion items.

"I never feel quite right leaving the house without sunglasses. They're such a simple way to tie an outfit together or dress up something as simple as jeans and a tee. My collection is a bit out of control, but my favourites are the Adam Selman x Le Specs sunnies, Elizabeth and James's Mckinley style and anything from Poppy Lissiman." — Aemelia Madden, editor, Who What Wear

2. Classic Handbag
Most loved item: Isabel Mundigo Moore


Isabel Mundigo Moore

"To me, '90s Prada is everything. When I saw it in the shop (at an excellent price), it felt like fate. I said if I went away and came back and it was still there, I could buy it. It was, and I did. I have felt like Gwyneth Paltrow during the Brad Pitt years ever since." — Isabel Mundigo-Moore, associate social media editor, Who What Wear UK 

"I'd be nowhere without a pair of gold earrings. Somehow, each outfit I put on needs them, and I have a ridiculous amount to satisfy each and every possible vibe. Occasionally, a pair of simple hoops will do it (I've got a bamboo pair of my mum's from the '70s that never fail me). Other times, I'll want something more adventurous (Pascale James's lemon earrings are the number one choice this summer), unusual but easy to wear (I've picked up a load of super-light African pannier styles from a shop in Spain that look way more expensive than they are), or old-school (clip-on vintage ones do the trick)… you get the idea!" — Hannah Almassi, editorial director, Who What Wear UK

4. Ankle Boots
Most loved item: Emma Spedding


Emma Spedding

"Four years ago, I bought a pair of mock croc-effect black leather Chelsea boots in a Christopher Kane sample sale for £90, and ever since then, we have been pretty much inseparable. I have had them re-heeled four times, and they are now really distressed, but the thought of throwing them out makes me too sad, as they are the one pair of shoes I can pair with pretty much everything I own." — Emma Spedding, deputy editor, Who What Wear UK

5. Customised Leather Jacket
Most loved item: Joy Montgomery



"If there’s one thing I can’t buy enough of, it’s jackets. However, my oversized leather biker from Maison Scotch holds a special place in my heart. With statement artwork on the back, it’s guaranteed to make any outfit look instantly 100 times cooler—whether it’s toughening up a floaty summer dress or elevating a simple white-tee-and-jeans combo." — Joy Montgomery, acting assistant editor, Who What Wear UK

6. Tailored Trousers
Most loved item: Kat Collings


Style Stalker

"I have a pair of navy Acne Studios trousers with white pinstripes all over and an orange felt stripe down the sides that I've worn incessantly. They hit the perfect balance between quirky and classic so that they can hold their own when paired with interesting tops." — Kat Collings, editor in chief, Who What Wear

7. A Camisole
Most loved item: Michelle Scanga


Michelle Scanga

"I'd have to say I'd be super bummed if I lost this vintage Saint Laurent tank that I found about five years ago shopping on Melrose. It's super simple with thin straps and slightly cropped, I find myself packing it on every trip, and it's always at the top of my outfit rotation." — Michelle Scanga, managing editor, Who What Wear'

8. Statement Handbags
Most loved item: Lauren Eggersten


Lauren Eggerston

"It might seem odd that a multi-coloured beaded handbag could be considered the one thing that holds my wardrobe together, but it really does. Besides making every outfit I wear it with that much more interesting, it also reminds me to have fun with my look. We've all had those moments where you're rushing to get dressed, hate everything you own, and feel like you've completely lost your sense of personal style. For me, seeing this colourful confection atop my dresser amidst those moments reminds me of the kind of fashion girl I am: one who doesn't take her wardrobe too seriously." — Lauren Eggertsen, fashion editor, Who What Wear

See? Now everyone can know you're well-versed in today's trends.

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