I Asked Queer Eye's Tan France to Answer Google's Top Fashion Questions


Who What Wear

Tan France with Hannah and Isabel from the Who What Wear UK team.

One man has captured our hearts this year with his style nous, impeccable hair, northern charm and ridiculously handsome selfies: Tan France. Queer Eye's resident fashion guru is responsible for a number of impressive wardrobe feats, including talking every man we know into wearing a shirt layered over a T-shirt. ("[Women] have so many options, and we don't … I'm trying to be as creative with the basics as possible," Tan tells us.) So when the chance came to meet the British TV star, we jumped.

The second series of Queer Eye lands on Netflix on June 15 (earlier than planned, for all you super-fans chomping at the bit), and the boys were in London to promote it. Like you, we love Jonathan's swishy hair and Karamo's deep talk, but we were especially keen to log some one-on-one time with the Doncaster-born Tan. And the fashion designer-turned-style guru didn't disappoint: Running a few minutes late because he had to track down a Gregg's pasty (our kind of guy—all was forgiven) and looking utterly resplendent in a tropical shirt (layered over a tee, obvs), Tan kindly answered some important fashion questions for us.

In fact, the questions may even be the ones you have long been asking—we asked Mr. France to give his opinion on Google's most-searched-for fashion questions. Did he have solutions for them all? Yes. Did we adore him even more than when we first started watching QE? Yes. Does anyone in America understand his accent? No—so he wears a bracelet with his name on it, as everyone thinks he's called Todd. Does he think we're all going to cry heaps during the second season? YES; apparently this one is an even bigger emotional journey, and we can't wait. To tide yourself over until then, get a slice of Tan's fashion wisdom below.