And the Most-Googled Celebrity of the Year Is...

It might seem like, in terms of the Internet, 2014 might officially belong to Kim Kardashian. The star even got her own magazine cover dedicated to the cause of "breaking the Internet," a charge seemingly only she could truly undertake. But in reality, the numbers reflect otherwise.

Vogue did a solid rundown of Google's numbers to find out who is actually the most-searched celebrity of the year. While Kardashian certainly landed herself firmly in the top five, the star who captured the number-one spot might just surprise you.

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After she walked the red carpet essentially nude at June's CFDA Awards, Rihanna saw a huge spike in search traffic, catapulting her into fifth place.

You might think the great Solange elevator scandal that happened in May would be the most-searched singular event on the entire Internet in 2014, but no. It was actually Beyoncé's steamy Grammys performance in February that put the star into the fourth position.

When Taylor Swift surprise-released her latest album, 1989, it bumped the pop star ahead of Queen Bey for Google searches.

Shockingly, Kim Kardashian didn't come in at the number-one slot. But when her nude magazine cover for Paper's Winter issue hit the web, it skyrocketed her into second place. 



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Perhaps from left field, Jennifer Lawrence's nude photo leak scandal in August pushed her ahead of Kim Kardashian in sheer number of searches. 

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