Flabby Arms Be Gone! 3 Flattering Short Sleeve Styles

The days of sleeveless weather are finally here. But for those unsure about their right to bare arms (har har), we’ve rounded up three short sleeve looks that conceal a multitude of winter sins—from overdoing it on the cronuts to letting your gym membership gather dust. Read on after the jump! 

Fluttery and Bell-Shaped


Candice Lake

Lost in a wave of billowy fabric, your arms will seem slender by comparison. Choose a lightweight material, like chiffon or silk, lest you appear too top heavy.


Image via Candice Lake 

Band of Outsiders

Flower Field Top ($325)

Three-Quarter Length


Camille Over The Rainbow

Considered to be the most universally flattering sleeve silhouette, this conceals problem areas (i.e. above the elbow) while still showing skin (i.e. below the elbow).


Image via Camille Over The Rainbow 

3.1 Phillip Lim

Embellished Blouse ($678)

Rag & Bone

Floyd Shirt ($350)

Wide and Boxy


Always Judging

Much like a bell-shaped sleeve, this is all about proportions, engulfing the arm to make it seem small by comparison.


Image via Always Judging