The #1 Sandal Mistake We All Make, According to a Doctor

Sandals are a summer necessity that cannot be avoided (unless you prefer your feet to be unbearably sweaty, and no one wants that). But as with many things in this cruel, cruel world, they often come with a catch—they can tend to be uncomfortable in more ways than one. Whether it's never-ending blisters, cramped insteps, or straps that hit in all the wrong places, it sometimes seems like finding the perfect pair of comfortable sandals is a lost cause. 

Since lost causes simply won't do here at Who What Wear, we decided to reach out to someone who knows quite a bit more about feet than we do—a podiatrist. Dr. Bobby Pourziaee, podiatrist and owner of Rodeo Drive Podiatry & The Spa on Rodeo, was kind enough to weigh in on the matter and give us the low-down on the most common mistakes people make when buying and wearing sandals. Besides the #1 most common mistake he sees people making, he also gave us a couple other missteps we all fall victim to, along with the solutions necessary to fix the problems. 

Keep reading to see what an expert has to say on the matter and to shop the shoes that will make your feet the happiest.

What else is a problem? "Buying sandals that have the potential to bend in half. Wearing flimsy sandals without support will lead to foot pain," Dr. Pourzaiee explains.

Another common issue: "Not breaking in the sandals properly," Dr. Pourzaiee told us. "You should break in sandals little by little before wearing them for an extended period of time. Also, use mole skin or bandages on areas that rub excessively at first. If those areas continue to be abrasive, get a new pair!"