From Big Knickers to Bralets, We've Found the Comfiest Underwear Going

It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of trends—our hero feature devoted to spring/summer 2021’s most-noteworthy looks serves as proof of this. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect the classic, dare we say basic, pieces that are fundamental in creating a strong wardrobe foundation. And nothing is more integral to this than underwear.

Much like everything else in fashion, underwear trends come and go with each passing season. But what we’re become most interested in—particularly over these last few months where lounging has become our pastime of choice—is what the most comfortable underwear is. After all, feeling secure, confident, and comfortable in our lingerie is so important for starting the day the right way; especially if you still find yourself working from home. 

Of course, we all have our underwear preferences (I, for one, having a 32G bra size, look for support above all else) but, when it comes to the most comfortable underwear, it can pretty well be summarised in seven categories. From the fabrics to look for to appealing knicker silhouettes, keep scrolling to discover the most comfortable underwear you can own.


Soft bralets make for some of the most comfortable underwear to lounge around in. We prefer scoop-neck styles opposed to triangle cuts as they offer slightly more support and, thus, are more comfortable. 


Usually found in cotton or soft lace finishes, boy shorts are unbelievably comfortable to wear and provide maximum coverage, should that be on your priority list. What’s more is that they come in both high and low-rise cuts, making them a versatile option under a variety of trousers or skirts.


Often the thing that makes underwear uncomfortable is rough stitching and hardy underwires. Cue seamless bras, which eliminate all irritable features. 


After spending months housebound, chances are your sock collection, which swiftly replaced your need for shoes, is looking a little worse for wear. So now's the perfect time to invest in a fresh edit of socks to see you through the next few months. Choose cotton textures for breathability and maximum softness. 


Our love of bodies peaked this year when discovered Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was wearing her Zara option on repeat during lockdown. Whether you wear them underneath your clothes or as a legit top with jeans or skirts, one thing's for sure—they're incredibly comfortable. 


Knickers don’t come more classic than full briefs. And yes, while they are indeed comfortable, the high-waist loans them an air of '40s glamour which is anything but frumpy, regardless of what Bridget Jones might have you believe. 



As someone with a fuller bust, bralets just don't offer the support I need or want. So the most comfortable bra that I reach for is my trusty T-shirt bra. I look for fabrics like jersey which cause less friction and rubbing and, in turn, make them a dream to wear.