Tried and True: 8 Sandals You Can Walk in for Miles Without a Blister

Is there anything more offensive than a pair of flat sandals that gives you blisters? Well, yes, certainly. But, it certainly ranks up there among our biggest sartorial pet peeves. We firmly believe that flat sandals should be a respite from our pain-inducing heels, which is why we decided to go to our editors for the most comfortable sandals they’ve ever worn.

Scroll down to shop the feet-friendly sandals that our editors stand behind—there’s also one heeled pair for those ladies who love a height boost without sacrificing comfort.

"I'm obsessed with the Dolce Vita Genivee slides. Because they're backless, there's no rubbing on your ankle (thank you, shoe gods—and the espadrille soles mean no rubber to create that familiarly unpleasant friction between your skin and the shoe. They feel like walking on a cloud, and are perfect for a stylish day at the pool or a super-casual day at the office."

"These black leather slides are perfect for when your heels can't take any more abuse. Plus, they're sleek enough to still look polished and put together."

“I buy a new pair of AllSaints sandals every season. In my opinion, they're the most comfortable for men (ladies too if you get a small size). I particularly love the iterations featuring a back strap (more support!) to make running around on showroom appointments that much more bearable.”

"After years of buying uber-cheap and poorly-made sandals, I just bought Ancient Greek Sandals' Thalia Sandals and am totally in love. My first time wearing them was on a cross-country trip (two flights and lots of walking), and they were beyond comfortable. No blisters in sight on my usually blister-prone feet. For a well-made pair of sandals, they are on the cheaper side, and they go with everything, so I HIGHLY recommend!"

“If I know I’ll be walking all day, I always wear these sandals, since they never give me a blister. Mine are pretty tattered at this point, as I wore them practically every weekend last summer!”

"You won't want to take off these slides, I promise. Whenever I wear them, I make everyone try them on for themselves because words can't even describe how comfortable they are."

“Without even trying them on, I knew these would be the best sandals ever the first time I saw them in a store over a year ago. I then proceeded to lust over them for about six months, until I finally convinced myself to invest in them. The combination of the chunky heel and thick straps not only makes them ridiculously comfortable, but also the perfect in-between shoe style to wear from day to night.”

"I've owned these sandals for over a year, and they're still my go-to's. They're simple (a.k.a. they go with everything), ultra-comfortable, and don't wear and tear at all. I'm always amazed at how new they still look!"

Madewell The Sightseer Crisscross Sandals ($60)

If you had to wear one pair of sandals for the rest of your life, what would they be? Let us know in the comments, and then watch Vogue's visual history of the gladiator sandal!