And the Top 5 Most Re-Blogged Models of the Year Are...

The second half of December each year is a time reserved almost excusively for wrapping up the entire year prior—a veritable retrospective of the most talked-about celebrities, pop culture moments, and the like. Blog-hosting site Tumblr's contribution to the conversation is a giant list of the most re-blogged topics on the entire site—from movies to reality stars to GIFs to, yes, models.

As fascinated as we are by what the Internet is talking about at large, for our purposes, the most interesting and relevant topics revolve around which style stars and models are the most re-blogged. The ladies who top the list are, for the most part, not super surprising. The Jenners and Delevingnes of the world are amongst the most re-blogged models out there, of course, but there are also a couple surprises on the list. 

Keep scrolling to see the top five most re-blogged models of 2014!