The Most Attractive Valentine's Day Looks, According to Dating Experts

Out of the 365 possible date nights in the year, February 14 by far has the most buildup. Whether you're in the early stages or you've been going strong with your S.O. for a decade or more, there's some potential stress around what to do and what to wear.

While we can't help you pick your perfect restaurant, we can help take outfit anxiety off the table. Since we know that date-night dressing can be a tricky thing to nail (no matter what day it is), we figured there was no harm in having a few experts weigh in.

To help decode Valentine's Day dressing, we tapped Nikki Lewis, co-founder of matchmaking service The Bevy, and Bela Gandhi, founder and president of Smart Dating Academy, to help break down what makes for the ideal Valentine's Day ensemble. Armed with their three top tips, you can put together an amazing look that, most importantly, still feels like you (since in the end, that's what matters most).

Read on for three tips for nailing your Valentine's Day style; then shop the pieces to help you pull them off!

1. Pick Pieces That Highlight Your Favourite Body Part

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When you're deciding exactly what to wear, think about the part of your body that you love most, and show it off. "Accentuate your favourite features and wear formfitting clothing," advises Lewis. Consider showing a little shoulder, or wear a minidress to highlight your legs. Additionally, stick to clothing that accentuates the waist and helps to create curves. Notes Gandhi, "Any woman can create a waist with the right skirt or by using a belt."

2. Wear Heels, But Make Sure They're Comfortable

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There's no worse feeling than being stuck out and about in uncomfortable shoes, so our experts recommend that you make sure to keep things comfortable, but opt for something with a heel. "Heels are a MUST," Lewis says. "Call us old-fashioned, but heels are designed to make men flip out—in the good way. Wear a pair you can last the night in." Gandhi also notes that a comfortable heel can add a boost of confidence: "We walk a little bit different, and we feel different about ourselves even with an inch-and-a-half heel."

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When it comes to choosing exactly how revealing your look will be, experts recommend striking a balance instead of showing too much skin. Suggests Gandhi, "If you're going to show cleavage, do a long-sleeve or a dress just above the knee. If you're going to wear a mini, choose a dress that's higher. Less is more." Lewis agrees, noting "A good Valentine's Day outfit will be classically beautiful and tasteful." She continues that the perfect outfit is one "that will accentuate your curves or your legs. Choose one, not both."

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