A Stylist Told Us the Fashion Items That Can Age You

As you know, there's a lot that we can't control about ageing, but along with how you treat your skin and what you put into your body, one thing you undoubtedly can control is what you wear. While clothing is a bit more under the radar than other "ageing" things related to health, diet and beauty, we think it's of equal importance and actually can lead to even more instant results.

One of the first professions we think of when it comes to experts in pieces that make you look older is a stylist. Stylists have to consider what will best suit their clients of all different ages, and it's undoubtedly a priority of theirs to make their clients look their age. That's why we consulted celebrity stylist Anita Patrickson for her insight. With always fashionable clients like Olivia Culpo, Julianne Hough and Michelle Rodriguez, Patrickson is clearly an authority on the ageing pieces to avoid wearing. So without further ado…

Read on to find out what the six items Patrickson deems ageing and shop what to wear instead.