Marc Jacobs Resort 13

If you've ever wondered what sparks a designer's creative impulses, you only need study their mood board to understand how varied influences--anything from a vintage photograph to a scrap of fabric found at a flea market to an international trip--can shape an entire collection. Today we're pleased to give you a glimpse inside Marc Jacobs' creative process, as the designer reveals the eclectic mix that informed his standout Resort 13 collection.
This season, Jacobs drew inspiration from Cindy Sherman's Clown Series, striking images in which the photographer posed as elaborately made-up clowns. Sherman's psychedelic backgrounds and the clowns' oversized, mismatched costumes inform many of Jacobs' looks, like dresses worn over floor-skimming palazzo pants or clashing polka dots and plaid. The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band era also lends its vibrancy to the designer's profusion of prints--fields of flowers, blown-up butterflies, metallic stripes--and punchy primary shades from a rich,'70s-inspired palette. These unquestionably electrifying influences might overwhelm another designer, but once processed through Jacobs' inimitable filter, the results are not only desirable, but incredibly wearable too.-Tiffany Tse