From Bloggers to Royalty, Everyone's Obsessed With This Jewellery Brand

If you’re partial to a little bling, however understated, you’ve likely already heard of jewellery designer Monica Vinader. If not, get your credit card at the ready because there’s a reason everyone from fashion bloggers and A-listers to even the Duchess of Cambridge is totally obsessed with her jewels right now. The short of it? We’re talking considered, luxe designs at a more affordable price point than you might imagine. Stand by for the full DL on why the entire fashion industry is totally hooked.

Starting the line at her kitchen table in Norfolk back in 2008, the Spanish-born designer has managed to hit that incredibly sweet spot between pricey fine jewellery and high-street fashion baubles. Despite high-end appearances, the core Monica Vinader offering sits nicely between the £65 entry point to the designer’s immensely popular stacking rings—a fashion-blogger favourite, by the way—and the £395 price tag of her chunkiest take on the sleek Signature Bangle.