7 Valuable Fashion Tips Your Mum Never Taught You

Listen, we love our mothers, and for the most part, we've been happy we heeded much of the advice they bestowed upon us as young women. 

And yet, so many current trends are things our mothers probably balk at: Ripped jeans. Messy hair. All denim everything. But to be a stylish, modern woman in 2015, we're just going to say it: you have to break some of the rules they long ago laid down.

Keep scrolling for seven fashion tips your mum would never teach youbut you should follow anyway.

Most mums are prone to the belief that, when it comes to fashion, less is always more. Fewer accessories, less colour, less "out-there" statement-making pieces mean a better overall outfit.

While we'll be the first to say we love a solid minimalistic look, there's also some benefit to dressing up and out from time to time. For example: We adore Solange, and there's nothing understated about her style whatsoever.

Our mothers often recommend against spending money on trends, comparing the action to throwing money down the drain. But in reality, every now and then, it's ok to indulge in purchasing a trend piece. We wouldn't recommend throwing away your savings on one, but a girl needs to live!

The greatest mum wisdom of all time is to think before you act: To take a breath, clear your mind, and make a conscious choice rather than acting on impulse. But every now and then, that impulse purchase might end up being one of your most beloved ones—so if it just feels right, we say go for it.

Your mum would probably offer up a hearty tsk, tsk when paging through photos of women in matchy-matchy blouses and trousers. But take one look at Olivia Palermo, and you know: It can definitely be a stylish route to take. 

It's outdated advice at this point that you should never wear brown and black together, like pairing a brown belt with black shoes. Plenty of super-stylish women do that now. Sorry, Mum!

Sorry, again, Mum: Showing skin is definitely in. But, like most things in fashion, there is such a thing as taking it too far. It's all about knowing just the right amount of skin to show.

As we've explored before, the undone look is a tough one to achieve. Your mum is right when she says that looking sloppy and slovenly is never en vogue; but looking just the right amount of undone definitely is. There's a fine art to it. 

Which of your mum's fashion rules do you heed, and which do you ignore? Share your thoughts in the comments below!